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  • Phyllis Couper

    03/18/2013 09:37 PM

    Obama wants this country to fall into the hands of a muslim contolled government. He cuts our military and fires our Generals who disagree with him, yet gives millions to Muslim Brotherhood along with military equipment. He gives money to South American Socialist countries for oil drilling, but won't let drilling on our soil. He has four muslim men in his myriad of appointees. He does all these outlandish things to take attention off his real mission. He spends money unnecessarily even though he knows it is bad for the country. He says one thing and does the opposite. Smoke screens.

  • Samantha Branham-Spence

    03/18/2013 01:35 AM

    Always watch and enjoy your show.

    When will you have Erik Estrada on your show regarding the Finding Faith Movie. I want to be sure and not miss it.

  • Jed More

    03/17/2013 09:21 PM

    Mike, I love your show, and never miss it. However, I was very disappointed that you allowed Chrystal Wright to curse twice without any correction or request for better language. She said that she was "pissed off". That made me angry. Why couldn't she have that she was angry? Then she said it again. I was really offended, and thought you would caution her that your show tries to avoid that sort of crude language.
    Previously, she made a point of her use of "vagina" . Obviously, there is no problem with that word. Its a reference to a part of the anatomy. It is not vulgar.
    There are many families that tune in to you, and I implore you to keep it family friendly. I tell my children and grandchildren not to use vulgarity or coarse language, and I wish you would tell your guests to respect the fact that yours is a family oriented program.
    I appreciate your values, and all that you do to promote Christian and civilized mores. Thank you.

  • Thomas Giacalone

    03/17/2013 08:29 PM

    Sir,I was drafted into the military at age 19. I also served in New York in the Police Dept. over 30 years, and needless to say I love my country.I must very respectfully ask that you please get an answer to why the DHS has bought so much JHP ammo,and why they purchased 2,500 armored vehicles. I fear no one has the heart to openly question this Govt.for fear of retaliation. I truly believe that you are an American Patriot,please get to the bottom of this.GOD Bless you

  • Bruce L Boyd

    03/17/2013 08:17 PM

    Governor, It would be a nice change of pace if someone would tell the truth about everything in D.C. The true conservative working class is fed up with the lies (on both sides)and the BS. You want to cut some debt quite paying politicians 173000 dollars a year for working part time. We can't do that so why are they allowed to. Enough is Enough