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  • Sarah Liu

    02/11/2013 02:51 PM

    Mike, we love your show. You are truly fair and balanced! You are not antagonistic or too intense but come across as someone you can believe. Keep hitting the hard issues.

    I saw the segment in January where your interview was with a woman that befriended an eight-year old and took him every Friday to lunch and also packed his lunch in a brown bag. The two of them wrote a book. I forgot to write the name of that book. I would REALLY appreciate it if you could send the name of that book to me. It was such an inspirational story. That inspirational segment is always neat. Keep it up, Mike. Thanks and God bless.
    Sarah Liu

  • Carleen N

    02/03/2013 02:38 PM

    I was in the car when you had the "Stop Chuck Hagel" person on so I was unable to write down the site. Please set up a "Links" section for your radio show. THANKS!!!

  • R. Bruce Neill

    02/01/2013 08:00 AM

    LIstening off-and-on I never hear reference to the REAL reason for the existence of the 2nd Amendment. It's designed for defense against tyrants - NOTHING to do with self defense against criminals. The framers knew what it was like to live under King George.

    Please educate your listeners, sir.

  • Theresa Buff

    01/31/2013 06:54 PM

    I am new to this format. I don't know what time Mr. Huckabee is online, so I can't call in. Unfortunately I do not know anything about twitter. BUT, I have some information I would love to give him. I think it's something he would love to be involved in. Please help me at least get a message to him! I know some young people who have been here legally their whole lives, never been in trouble AT ALL!! Had to go to their homeland to go to college. Now they will soon be done with college and will not be able to reenter the U.S. even though their parents are still here. It's an immigration snafu- nevertheless, it's one that has drastic and lifelong consequences. Please help me.

  • sean mcmahon

    01/31/2013 04:11 PM

    Mike what are we to do when the Muslims decide to pull something like what they are doing in Africa. Sierra Leon,Syria,mail,eygpt...
    When we only have seven round clips. And no semi automatics