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  • Donna Morris

    02/26/2013 08:07 PM

    Where can I go to sign the petition asking congressmen to not cave!

  • john earley

    02/26/2013 08:00 PM

    picture obama on a golf green looking at his watch and saying it is time,his aid has a box labled red hen which he opens and out runs a red hen yelling the sky is falling,the sky is falling the rep did it,the rep did it, then he tees off

  • Paul Pate

    02/26/2013 05:19 PM

    For some time now the Fed government has been offering homeowners 30-40000 to not be foreclosed on. They do this in the form on making 3 yrs of house payments. The foreclosures have slowed says the government!! These folks would be crazy not to accept the offer!! live free for 3 yrs or rent it out collect the rent...BUT in 2-3 yrs these non preforming loans are back up for foreclosure!! the market will again have these properties dumped on the market ...bringing prices back down??? or is this just another group Obama is trying to get on with him in this sinking ship of over spending...thanks

  • Evelyn Patrick

    02/26/2013 04:13 PM

    Re: looming sequestration.... why can't we stop giving the 100's of thousands of dollars to other countries, instead of cutting military and other essential programs? Or, even cut back by 1/2 on what we dole out to largely unappreciative countries?

  • William Moore

    02/26/2013 03:51 PM

    you asked me to support hose republicans with the courage to hold he line on taxes. I can't find the survey you suggested. I have been looking for 10 minut4e.