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  • Phil Cooper

    03/14/2013 12:54 PM

    Unlike a few of your listeners, I enjoyed the adaptation of "Chim Chim Cher-ee" to the matter of Vatican smoke. I'm a life-long Roman Catholic, but I do have a sense of humor!

    Incidentally, the new Pope is styled "Pope Francis", not "Pope Francis I". Various news services were getting it wrong all day yesterday, and speculating on the namesake of "Francis", even though the correct information was and is just a few mouse clicks away at the official Vatican Web site, and at the Vatican Information Service, in several major world languages, including English.

  • Joey Pavia

    03/14/2013 08:48 AM

    If you are a Republican, are Republicans always right? If you are a Democrat, are Democrats always right? Shouldn't Republicans admit when Democrats are right? Shouldn't Democrats admit when Republicans are right? Lets stop the Republican/Democrat is "wrong" garbage.. Lets admit they are "right"... Maybe then we can work together to solve the countrys problems... Who is wrong will not and does not solve problems.. !!

  • Elizabeth Muich

    03/14/2013 06:59 AM

    Mike: I always enjoy your radio show and try not to miss it on my way to work each morning. I was thrilled to hear of the folks who won the big Powerball jackpot sharing the money with their community. However, I know of the community where they live and it is not in Michigan as you stated in your program. It is in your neigboring state of Missouri. It happens to be in the same county where I grew up and their winning was huge local news in December. Thanks for all your great info and insights. I truly wish you (we) could get Washington to listen!

  • Russ Wetzel

    03/14/2013 02:05 AM

    Your brief bit on Vatican Smoke humor was unfortunate. many see this as a very holy part of their faith expression. I was surprised you let that through. Imagine if one had disrespected an altar call or invitation to faith, or selection of a Church Senior pastor, or even a tenet of salvation. You wouldn't be thrilled. Later in the show you discussed how Christians just make big target by the media, when you did the same thing yourself. ++ the rest of the show was good.

  • Robert Ziegelmann

    03/13/2013 07:49 PM


    Listening to your show tonight. As a practicing Family Physician and a conservative, you couldn't be more right about Medicaid. I hear more and more from our medical students (some of them probably quite liberal on other fronts) that patients need to take some personal responsibility for their actions and have some "skin in the game." I've often thought that as little as a 5 dollar co-pay would keep someone from going to the E.R. and instead they would come to see me in the office. As a tax-paying citizen, I would much rather accommodate them in my office than have them go to the ER. If the problem is they can't get in to see me, let's fix that. But going to the ER for your kid's sore throat at 1 AM because it's free and convenient is not really benefitting anyone.