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  • Domenic D'Angella

    05/13/2013 06:58 PM

    Sir, I was very happy to see you had Gen Jerry Boykin on your show the other day to clearly state the military capability available. I had the privilege to serve with Gen Boykin in the 90’s at Ft Bragg and what he stated about the forces that are available, and have been stationed in Europe to support the Benghazi rescue mission was spot on.
    On another issue though, I normally agree with your point of view and opinions but your statement that you do not want the president removed (if he violated laws) because it would not be good for the country, I strongly disagree.
    I feel that the removal of any president if found guilty of breaking the law, or ethical or moral misconduct must be removed to show the people of the US that no man is above the law.
    In the past, numerous non-political high positioned government personnel have been removed or persuaded to resign, i.e. Gen Pretorius as of lately for ethical misconduct just as prior presidents have done.
    I felt the same way about President Nixon and it was the right thing to do, but when I see a President, like Bill Clinton, not only having an extra marital affair while in office and then straight out lie to the American citizens on national TV and was not removed. Then all credibility goes out the window.
    Now we face the same with the current President. He has been caught in a lie (based on video at the least) and he should be impeached and if found guilty then removed not just impeached. This will renew the faith in our government and our officials.
    Thank you