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  • Lee Diamond

    08/03/2013 02:16 AM

    I heard Teresa Collins taking about privacy. I made an appt. with a doctor who advertises on a Nashville radio Sta. When went to appt. the office staff canceled appt. because I asked why they wanted my SSN and demanded I let them copy my dr license and VA card. Is this going to be the norm in future? Never happened to me in 70 yrs before. Maybe part of Obamacare? What do you think this Dr. is doing with the info and photos? How can he protect it? I think he is collecting info to trak patients and meke sure he can collect paymts or someone is collecting info for ID theft. It is easy to do.

  • marc

    07/31/2013 11:59 PM

    Mike, I just wonder with all the tracking the government is capable of doing, is it possible that is how Obama won a second term? This could be bigger than Watergate! With the capability to search emails and track everything, it seems that would be a possibility.

  • David G.

    07/31/2013 04:24 PM

    First I would like to thank you for having Theresa Payton on your show today. Her presentation was not just important in explaining the dangers of internet information security but she gave such excellent advice on how to reduce one's vulnerability to the inevitable invasion by hackers into our personal privacy.

  • Brian Flynn

    07/31/2013 04:06 PM

    Dear Governor:

    I enjoy your show and agree with many of your positions. I am a fiscally conservative individual who is also a retired tax CPA. Although I agree with many of your positions on tax from a theoretical point of view many of the assertions you make concerning taxes are just not accurate. Today a caller said that the 3.8% tax on investment income established under Obamacare applied to individuals with adjusted gross incomes in excess of $200,000. You corrected him and said the tax applied to everyone. He was right.

    Periodically someone calls in to say the top corporate tax rate is 35% but many large corporations have an effective tax rate that is less than that amount. This is true but what they fail to realize, and maybe you should consider pointing out is that a major reason for the difference is that larger corporations are more likely to be able to fund programs deemed important to America by the Congress. Some examples are the Work Opportunity Credit, the Affordable Housing Credit, the Orphan Drug Credit, the Employer- provided Child Care and Facilities Credit, the Research Activities Credit, etc. Although these credits reduce corporate income taxes (and therefore the effective tax rate) the corporation is still "out-of-pocket" for the amount of the cost not offset by the credit. Using your discussion of today, GE would be able to invest in research activities that help the country as a whole but it is unlikely that the drycleaner down the street could afford the investment.

    I don't quite understand you repeated assertion that the FAIR tax would eliminate the IRS. My understanding, although probably oversimplified, is that the FAIR tax is essentially a national sales tax. I agree with you that a tax on consumption is probably superior to a tax on income. However, as the former governor of a state that has a sales tax you must realize that a sales tax is anything but "air-tight" and state revenue agencies must put much time, effort and money into collecting and enforcing such a tax. The income tax might go away but a revenue agency, such as the IRS, would still be necessary.

    I worked with IRS agents for thirty-one years. They were the opposing team. Although I never envied them their jobs I can tell you that I dealt with a tiny percentage that were not fair, dedicated public employees.

    Thanks for reading this. I do not want my name to be used on the air.

    PS: I happened to hear a talk show host make the statement that Weiner's wife should shoot him. I frankly could not believe I heard the statement. I can't remember who said it but it was not you (but you already know that.)

  • Jim Hoffman

    07/31/2013 04:04 PM

    I also heard you, several days ago, say when commenting about Weiner's wife joining him on stage and showing support, that she should have taken a Glock up on stage and shot him in the head.
    I sent a comment on this sight the day I heard your statement as the comment surprised me coming from you.