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  • Ruth Lilley

    06/16/2013 04:37 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,to say I wish you were our President does not say enough.Not since the Vietnam War,I am 65, have I have been so discouraged how our country is being run.From the moment Mr.Obama ,I will not recognize him as our President ,went on an apology tour across this world till now with everything that has transpired since Benghazi ,I mean the date alone should have alerted it was a terrorist attack, till the excuses by every head of all the departments that have been involved in scandals .I am outraged. I thank God every night that this man will not run for this office ever again,for if that happens then he will become the very dictator that is in every country that socialism exists.

  • Richard Creecy

    06/16/2013 03:38 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    I am a 20 something man that has been dealing with some crushing personal issues for a long time now. I was raised by parents in the nurture and admonition of the Lord but over time I chose to fall away. Your unabashed and sometimes randomly interjected preaching of the Word over your radio show has served as a point of conviction for me. I can't even remember a single incident that stands out, but I feel God has used you to bring me back in to submission to Him. You see I first started following your career and teachings when you visited Texas A&M during your presidential bid in the 2008 campaign, I was in the crowd and as you played that bass I thought to myself: Wow what a dignified person that can still cut loose, not like when Clinton played the sax. I still wrote you on my ballot, because of that and will continue to in every presidential election from here on out. Fast forward to now (2013) and you still are that dignified person who can masterfully breakdown political issues, administer the Word of God and make me laugh all in the span of one radio show. I find myself reorganizing my work schedule so I can sit in my car to listen to your program in it's entirety (970 am here in Portland). Thank you, from the bottom of my newly implanted heart of flesh that God used you to replace my stoney heart. Please continue to show people the face of Christ in a lost and dying world, educating the masses and being the most kick butt President in 2016 since Teddy Roosevelt (I know, I know but I can dream right?). I am a better man and husband because of you, something you could never know you gave me and a debt I could never repay. May God continue to bless the works of your hands, you and your family. Sincerly, Richard Creecy.

  • Kathleen Dion

    06/15/2013 08:48 PM

    I believe that the Obama government is collecting all of our information, phone calls, e-mails, google searches, including this message, because they intend to use it against the American people who do not agree with them, not to find terrorists. Obama and his group have shown their true intention by all the scandles. They are corrept and should be charged as criminals. Obama and his group are the ones who should be charged with treason. Yes, the kid who leaked the informaion should be charged also but I agree he should be charged for theft. I truly believe that Obama and Eric Holder are muslim and that is how they are intending to change our nation. I have no problem with them being muslim if that is the religon they choose however, I do have a problem with the lie that Obama is Christian. He is not a Christian as he claims to be. I do however, have a real big problem with a muslim being in the White House as President and Eric Holder as the Attorny General of the USA. I have no confidence in our government at this time. I now you can't post this, but this is truly what I think. Thank you for listening. I appreciate your honesty. I wanted Governor Huckabee to know that I wanted him to be President. He would have been a Great President.
    Thank You, Kathy

  • Faith Seaman

    06/15/2013 08:22 PM


  • Rick Schwab

    06/14/2013 06:49 PM

    Please post the snail mail address of the hospital in PA where that little girl is healing after her lung transplant. We need the address to mail her and parents get well cards. Post it on your home page.