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  • Judy Huelga

    11/25/2012 11:46 PM

    Listening to your show on Sirus radio, re the words "godwink" & "coincidence." Good definition of coincidence: "God's way of remaining anonymous."

  • Michael Lebron

    11/25/2012 10:20 PM

    I do not mean to sound rude but, what your guest called divine alignments or divine co-incidences the Bible calls providence or God's sovereignty.

  • Thomas Candela

    11/25/2012 09:26 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, I just want to say thank you for all your inspiration and information on your show. My heart is heavy with disappointment with the re-election of Barrack Obama. I don't think there was a candidate with enough fire in his belly, or the intestinal fortitude to fight for America. I fought for my country in Vietnam,right or wrong, and suffered the indignation of the American people when I came home. Nothing could have wounded me more. I removed my uniform and acted as if I never went, but the scars remain.I served my country in one capacity or another as a police officer and a soldier and always exercised my right to vote.After this election I find myself alienated from the country that I love and served. I vowed never to vote again. I feel betrayed by the very people I swore to protect and serve.It reminds of the song bye bye Mr. American Pie. I prayed that you would have changed your mind and ran for President again. After I got to know you on Fox, I realized I made a mistake when I voted for John McCain. The only way I'll ever vote again is if you run for President. Thank You for being a real American, and God bless you and your family forever.

  • Nancy Kenney

    11/25/2012 08:47 PM

    Hi Governor,
    I watched your show again tonight and loved it just as much as I did last night. I loved the impressionist and I had my husband watch it with me. Your show is not just informative but inspiring. I watch it 99.999% of the time. I only miss it when I'm not home, which is a given.That story about the POW moved me to tears. I had a POW bracelet and I watched him get off the plane. I wrote him but never heard back. I didn't know how to find him. I don't know where he is or IF he is still alive.
    Until next weekend.
    Nancy Kenney

  • Linda Donaldson

    11/25/2012 08:31 PM

    Thank you for having Ken and Joni on the program. Her book, Joni, was the second book I read after becoming a Christian in 1975. The Hiding Place was the first.