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  • Maria Plunkett

    11/22/2012 09:27 PM

    Dear Governor,
    I just listened to part of your radio station show tonight and disagree with your response to the elderly woman who did not vote for Obama and wants nothing to do with people who did. You practically condemmned her to Hell saying it is so atrocious for people to take politics so seriously that they would forgo family or friend relations because they voted for someone they don't approve of. You even said God would not judge them in a good way on judgement day. Governor I do not think that you come from a family that disagrees with your values. I see you and your family all seem to be in total agreement especially regarding your Faith and your Politics. However that is not the situation in every family. That is my situation and the reason I could not spend the Holiday of Thanksgiving with what little I have left of a family. You see they also not only voted for Obama but for all he stands for. I don't have to tell you but they are not my or my husbands values. We have huge arguments whenever we get together more than the usual Democratic/Republican differences, but moral and religious values. I can no longer defend their right to their opinion when in my Heart and deep into my soul it goes against my values.Obama's ideology divides people and I refuse to give in to it anymore. While you get to sit and enjoy your Holiday with your beautiful granchildren I can only wonder what my niece or nephew or two great nieces or nephews would have been like. They were lost to abortions.So you see Governor our lifestyles are very different and maybe that poor woman who called in and disagreed with had a similar situation.Maybe her life's values were not the same as yours but that doesn't make her a bad person. Maybe she has had enough too. I think God will not condemm her, but accept her as the human being he created. This election meant many things to many people. I for one will not give up my religious values even if the President of the United States represents different values from me and decrees it law of the land. I'm ready to meet my creator and I don't think he will judge me in a bad way just like that listener.People have come off of 4 very hard years and only God knows what the next 4 will bring. We cannot give up our morals and values for that is what makes us who we are.Nor should we tolerate the morals or values that are not ours for the sake of being the bigger person.
    I usually enjoy your T.V. and radio shows,but I was dismayed after this recent show and your response to that woman. You aked a question and did'nt like her honest answer and you beat her to the ground for sticking to her morals. I think she is owed an appology.I hope you understand what I was trying to tell you. There's always more to a story. Thank You!

  • Doug Smith

    11/22/2012 10:09 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving Governor! I hope that you and your family have a truly blessed one this year. Please keep up the fight for Conservative Values. It is this path which will guide our nation through darkness to the light. God Bless!

    Doug Smith, New York

  • Rodney Killion

    11/21/2012 11:08 PM

    gov. huckabee, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't vote for you in 2008 primary. I hope you will run in 2016....We need a man with principles and common sense...God Bless You and your family.

  • lulu snow

    11/21/2012 06:47 PM

    Please tweet or post the website for the gals who were Face Book erased the posts. Tried and I don't think that is it. Thanks Great Show!

  • Richard Cagle

    11/21/2012 06:05 PM

    I'm a long time fan. I am a bi vocational pastor /businessman/ radio show guy. You were and are my #1 choice for pres. Live to meet you some time.