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  • Sonja Gullbrand

    10/12/2013 09:42 AM

    Mike, I enjoy your show every week. I would like more info from the woman on your show who is a cancer survivor (your Producer's wife). She mentioned the new medication she is taking for bone cancer. Could you provide her e mail address and the name of this new medicine? Thanks so much. Sonja

  • Derrick L. Mathis

    10/07/2013 12:38 PM

    I'm a Democrat and I often tune into your broadcast. I'm not one of those Democrats who completely ignores the values and viewpoints of Republicans; I find some of the stances interesting. It's also wonderful to have a radio host with good common sense and a background in theology and well-educated. Many Democrats dislike Fox News, but I enjoy listening to others with opposing aspects on current politics.

  • Cindy Patterson

    10/06/2013 11:21 PM

    Its really very simple here's a start.
    1. Refuse a debt ceiling increase.
    2. Serious budget cuts.
    3. Stop foreign aid.
    4. Charge countries for fighting their wars.
    5. No exemptions for ANYONE in Obamacare.
    6. No penalties for those who don't sign up.
    7. Find the 67 million dollars missing from IRS.
    8. Demand answers about Benghazi.

  • Richard Horne

    10/06/2013 09:37 PM

    With all the tumult on Capital Hill, we were asking among our community group members this evening why Huckabee, who led such a brilliant brigade for Chick-fil-a sometime back, couldn't lead our country, along with so many of its other patriot-prayer warriors, in prayer as we peer over the precipice of potentially, deep despair? Is this question exaggerated? We pray not and hope you will, too! Thank you for your leadership. We need more like you...

  • Robert Riggs

    10/06/2013 08:35 PM

    why cant the government have obamacare but no funding from social security or no penalties for not having health insurance also why don't the president and the members of congress start cutting their salaries instead of starting with the veterans or military or federal workers