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Tense Moment

At the State of the Union speech, cameras caught a tense moment between Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and New York Rep. George Santos, who is under fire for allegedly hiding his true identity and falsifying his background. I understand that the Santos issue is contentious, but they should respect each other’s offices in public and not call each other profane names but use their proper names and titles: “Rep. Santos” and “Sen. Pierre Delecto.”


Biden's False Claims

He boasted falsely that he created 12 million jobs, lowered the deficit more than any President (simply by taking office following massive emergency spending on COVID), and brought illegal immigration down by 97% (asterisk: from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela…why not throw in Iceland and make it sound even better?) He claimed that inflation is down and wages are rising without mentioning that inflation is still so high that average wages adjusted for inflation are lower than last year. 

House Oversight Committee Meets Today

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability meets today, and chairman James Comer of Kentucky is looking into Biden family finances to see if they’ve been compromised, particularly by foreign ties. Part of that is finding out who is buying Hunter Biden’s “art” for up to a reported $500,000 a pop.

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Morning Edition: The State of the Union

Encouraging Sign

The Grammy Awards

The Party of Division

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