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Don't go to this hospital

How would you like to go to a hospital whose staff was trained at the Tower of Babel? Think they might be so confused trying to figure out what each other was saying in their own made-up languages that possibly your medical care would suffer? Well, then, you might want to think twice before checking into Johns Hopkins Medicine in Maryland. Their director of LGBTQ+ Equity and Education (a very important position for a hospital to have) announced that both patients and staffers may now choose from up to 50 different sets of pronouns, including such Scrabble-inspired gibberish as the title "Mx." for "nonbinary or gender diverse people," ve, xe, per, ae, "aerself" and "faerself," as in "Ae cleaned the office all by aerself," or "I gave faer the key." Or “Ve went into shock and died before the doctors were able to figure out what aerself was trying to tell them about per drug allergies.”



Important Note

While I am sympathetic to conservatives who are sick of having radical woke propaganda shoved down their throats by businesses, I urge everyone to remember to make all protests peaceful. Do not play into the hands of the Biden Administration and its media lapdogs with their nonsensical “MAGA domestic terrorist threat” narrative. I admit I was concerned about this when I heard over the weekend that a Target in Salt Lake City received a bomb threat. But then it was reported that this allegedly came from some unhinged person who was furious that they capitulated to "the right wing" and removed or relocated some of the LGBTQ/trans merchandise. Suddenly, the world made sense again. I hope this will teach corporations a hard lesson: kowtowing to a tiny radical fringe is a loser’s game. Not only will you drive away your customer base, but no matter how much you do for them, the radicals will never be grateful or think it’s enough. And Heaven help you if you decide that staying in business might be more important than pushing their agenda. They know you can be rolled, so they’ll always demand more. 

The accusations against Clarence Thomas

There are few things more ironic than watching ethics-deficient Senate Democrats rail about the alleged ethical shortcomings of Justice Clarence Thomas. If it weren’t so maddening, it would be hilarious. Fortunately, maybe this will finally pound the last nail into the coffin of those false accusations. A friend of Thomas’, Mark Paoletta, has produced documents showing that the old, much-ballyhooed complaints about him vacationing with a wealthy friend, Harlan Crow, were already investigated in 2012 by the Judicial Conference, “the authoritative body for Judiciary under the law.” They found that under the Hospitality Exemption, Thomas was correct not to disclose those trips and that “nothing has been presented to support a determination that Justice Thomas . . willfully or improperly failed to disclose information concerning travel reimbursements." Okay, now that that’s settled, since Democrats are so obsessed with ethics, how about the FBI turning over that document about foreign money going to the Biden family? And while we’re at it, how about looking into how so many of the Congressional Democrats who’ve been attacking Justice Thomas’ ethics got so wealthy during a lifetime of “public service” that pays less than $200,000 a year?




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