October 25, 2016

When FBI director James Comey detailed Hillary’s Clinton’s gross mishandling of classified material and then announced that no prosecution would take place, he left us scratching our heads and scrambling for some sort of explanation. It just didn’t make sense.

Well, when something doesn’t make sense, it’s because there’s something we don’t know. And as of now, we know something that perhaps helps explain what happened. At the very least, it pulls back the covers on the cozy relationships in Washington that make it nearly impossible for Lady Justice to keep her blindfold on.

Here’s how it goes: Longtime Clinton crony and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has a PAC. In the very month that the story broke about Hillary’s classified email, it gave approximately $500,000 to the Virginia state senate campaign of the wife of Andrew McCabe, an FBI official who later helped oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified documents. If that sounds fishy to you, it apparently sailed right by FBI higher-ups, who did not ask that he recuse himself. McCabe has since been promoted to deputy director at the FBI.

For more details that will have you scratching your head less but banging it against the wall instead, click here.

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