October 8, 2016

Just when it seemed that this particular election season couldn’t make your skin crawl any more, right on schedule (on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend), the “October surprises” we’d been bracing ourselves for since summer started dropping on our heads like frozen airline sewage.

Human nature being what it is, the one garnering the most attention isn’t the one related to important public policy but to sex. The Washington Post released an 11-year-old secretly-recorded tape of Donald Trump making some offensive “locker room” type comments about women to host Billy Bush before going out to do a TV appearance. I won’t go into the details; if you want to hear them, check out this link. A warning—they are disgusting and lewd. I’d suggest actually watching the video, though, since that conveys better than out-of-context excerpts the attitude with which the remarks were intended.

Trump issued a statement in which he apologized and admitted what he said was wrong, but he pointed out that the tape was over a decade old and he is a changed and better man now (you can hear/read his entire statement here):

Hillary Clinton reacted as you would expect, tweeting, "This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president,” apparently in her zeal to pile on forgetting the type of inter-gender relations that prevailed in the Oval Office the last time a Clinton was President.

(A personal aside: I admit that I am appalled by Trump’s comments. I think they are inexcusable regardless of the context or the fact that it happened 11 years ago. But I also believe that people are capable of change and deserving of forgiveness. I certainly don’t condone what he said in what he thought was a private moment 11 years ago, but here’s a good reminder that in these times of ubiquitous microphones and cameras, there are no private moments. I can truly hope he’s genuinely contrite and has outgrown it and that he himself is as repulsed by it as are those who view it.

One thing that bothers me and that nobody is mentioning is the fact that someone recorded a private conversation, sat on it for years, then released it just before an election to try to alter the course of history. This is a genuine invasion of privacy to advance a political agenda. It’s different from the hacking scandals currently plaguing Democrats. While it’s true that someone stole and exposed emails, those emails involved official business that the public had a right to know. Hillary’s problem is that she is believed to have used her private server for official business, then deleted emails that were subject to the Freedom of Information Act. If her private server really had been used only for her personal communications and someone had hacked it and released those, I would be among the first to call for the arrest of whoever did it. Similarly, if Hillary had decided not to release her personal tax forms, I would have supported her just as I did Trump. Running for President shouldn’t mean having every detail of your personal life forcibly laid bare in the public square. If you lament the choices of candidates we have, then consider what we put them through. It’s no wonder that only those with the thickest skin even consider running.)

Of course, Hillary is very lucky that the Trump tape surfaced when it did, since WikiLeaks pulled its own October surprise on her the very same night. They released emails hacked from her campaign chairman John Podesta, the most damaging featuring excerpts of her highly-paid speeches to big Wall Street firms that she’s so far refused to release. They show that despite her attempts to woo Bernie supporters by opposing deals like the TPP, she came across as practically a cheerleader for free trade in front of the wealthy financial elite. She told one Brazilian bank in 2013, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

It’s hard to say what the fallout of all this will be. Many voters already believe the worst of the candidate they oppose, and both of these stories just bolster their negatives. Charles Krauthammer observed that it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump has said crude things in private and that Hillary has two sets of principles, one for in public and one for big donors behind closed doors. The only difference is that with these stories, we get to hear both of those things exposed in the candidates’ own words, which somehow makes it seem more shocking that it might otherwise.

My guess is that the Trump story will prove more damaging, for several reasons. The media will pile on him while ignoring the Hillary story. Fellow Republicans will denounce and desert him, while if he were a Democrat, his colleagues would circle the wagons to defend him and attack the sleazy leaker for violating his privacy with “old news” that he’s long since “moved on” from. And again: sex sells, while the revelation that Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected is hardly news at all. Even Barack Obama told us that back in 2008.

- Mike Huckabee


Should FBI Director James Comey be impeached for his handling of the Clinton email case? Vote here.

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  • anne cauthen

    10/12/2016 09:53 PM

    TRUMP said if he got to be pres, he would control the world ,,, that scares me ,,,

  • Fox Watson

    10/10/2016 11:48 PM

    Mike, You have again exceeded my expectations for hypocracy and minimizing the flagrant disrespect Trump has shown all women and the Office of President of these United States.

  • Robert Wolffe

    10/10/2016 08:05 AM

    Trumps comments were NOT reprehensible! They were the comments of a real man! So, maybe he did not know he was being recorded, it was just two guys talking! If any of you "men" claim to be so offended there are only a few reasons, either you are trying to suck up to the corrupt main stream media, or you are a homo, or your wife told you to say Trump was "reprehensible". Political Correctness has destroyed this country!

  • Ed Zigweid

    10/09/2016 07:57 PM

    Time for people to look at Johnson and Stein more seriously. I have been saying for many months that my choice is between Johnson and leaving the Presidential vote blank. voting mainly Republican downline.

  • John Dewey

    10/09/2016 02:39 PM


    The video doesn't just reveal lewd comments. It shows that Donald Trump believed he was free to sexually assault women. This is not merely "locker room talk". This is a sexual predator revealing himself.

    I've been a Republican voter for 38 years. But I cannot vote for a predator.

  • Vicky Anderson

    10/09/2016 02:30 PM

    I would rather have a red-blooded American male running for President than someone who would sell out our country in a heart beat. And for the record, I am a woman who is a Christian. And Donald Trump has my complete support. Why? Because God can use him just like he did David in the Bible. Hillary Clinton reminds me of Jezebel. And we see what happened to her.

  • Rebecca M. McGinley

    10/09/2016 02:22 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, In my 60 years I have discovered that most men talk this way to each other. Mrs. Clinton supports all abortions including late term abortions. She supports same sex marriage. She says Christians need to change their beliefs to suit modern ideas. Why is everyone making such a big deal out of Mr. Trump's locker room comments? Rappers and comedians say worse things in public every day. I admit, I'm confused.

  • Julia Benson

    10/09/2016 01:41 PM

    Then please don't title your words w/INEXCUSABLE--when it was all EXCUSABLE considering how, when, by whom it was obtained!

  • Patsy Linton

    10/09/2016 12:58 PM

    I agree with Gov. Huckabee. All of Donald Trumps silly and immature comments are not necessary, but I will not let a comment he made 11 yrs. ago deter my determination to
    defeat Hillary Clinton in Nov. 2016. Her Scandals and Corruption are far more worse than
    any of Trumps silly and immature comments. In comparing Mrs. Clinton to Mr. Trump, I
    would say Trump is just about a Saint. His lewd comments will not destroy this country,
    but Mrs. Clinton's policies and corrupt scandals will.

  • Bob Harvey

    10/09/2016 11:58 AM

    Spoken like a true American. 100% accurate

  • Ray Chow

    10/09/2016 09:43 AM

    Lewd words doesn't affect how I live my life though but president policies does immensely. It means how much beans I can put on my table, it means do I have the right to defend myself, it even means do we maintain our soveriegnty as an independent nation?

  • David Rhoades

    10/09/2016 09:35 AM

    Mike I follow you and I respect you as a person..... With that being said! Mike you are a HYPOCRITE! Can you honestly say you have never in your life trash talked about anyone???? Of either sex??? My vote is and will be for Donald Trump!!!! Everyone in America is guilty!!! You can tell Ryan to quit being such a PUSSY and grow a set! Alnog with other idiots in the conservative base. Bottom line..... It is about our country and the direction that we are headed in! Myself as a average now poor middle class citizen... I am sick and tired of the government over reach and the attacks on the constitution and bill of rights!!!! 90% of laws and regulations in this country are unconstitutional!!!!! People like me see the complete government as corrupt and untrust worthy! At one time in history a long long time ago.... The government used to be by the people for the people! I am sure this will fall on deaf ears!!!! Why??? Because I am not filthy rich and struggle from week to week to get by, and I am a nobody just like the hundreds of millions in this country without any voice!!!


    10/09/2016 08:23 AM


  • Darell Powell

    10/09/2016 08:22 AM

    "I'd rather be a nail than a hammer". Since bipartisanship we've not seen the likes of such as we are confronted with this election. So is there a comparative indicator of good judgement that every citizen can use in their voter decision?
    We must do all that we can to induce each candidate to, if nothing else, show us their greatest graces and abilities, were they to be elected, to remediation of good, honest individual personality changes. Which of them is capable of that, to their own greatest personal growth, might help voters determine their abilities at representation their abilities doing likewise as president elect, of our own nations' affairs.

  • Jeremy Garrett

    10/09/2016 08:21 AM

    I am all about forgiveness when a heart has changed, but Mr. Trump has shown no signs of change. I also cannot support Hillary and her past either which seems to be pushed aside. I am an undecided voter and still uncertain of who I am voting for, but my vote is leaning more towards a third party candidate than these two.

  • Belinda LaMee

    10/09/2016 07:15 AM

    I had very similar thoughts when this story came out. Everyone is ready to pounce on Trump & ignore all the wrong that Hillary has said & done. Why (?) when she is the political hack where things will remain the same or get worse & with a Trump, a so-called outsider, things will change, which so many want. I, too, do not condone his words but, to me, they are relatively tame to Hillarys past.

  • Dan Campbell

    10/09/2016 07:09 AM

    I used to really admire you Mike. Now I resent you, as I watch you support something and someone as vile as Trump. It makes you no better than that crook. You better take a look at what you have become.

  • Julie Halstead

    10/09/2016 05:47 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, his comments were not about sex. He admitted to and bragged about molesting women. That's assault. A crime.

  • Nicki van Eeden

    10/09/2016 05:12 AM

    With regard to Billy Bush, Please note he not only obtained the comment deliberately, but keep it till he could use it to his advantage Namely to get that NBC job he was after. I would call that blackmail.

  • Katy Scott

    10/09/2016 04:37 AM

    Honestly, I'm not shocked that a womanizer would talk about what he wants to do with a woman. A man attracted to a woman is not a surprise to me. I find it more shocking that a woman would hold the view and fight for a law to allow other women to begin giving birth to a child and allow it to be murdered before the rest of its body is pulled out into the open. Murdering a newborn baby is not natural or moral under any circumstances.

  • Laree delatorriente

    10/09/2016 03:53 AM

    As I've always said if your for trump this is not going to change your mind. Nor will it pull you from Hillary to hear her cackle at the child rapist she got off with time served in a county jail. Those on the fence won't leave their house on voting day for either. So let's now hear about regular stuff in the world like Isis or hurricane Mathew followed by Nicole and those ravaged by the storm.

  • Kay Weeks

    10/09/2016 01:58 AM

    What in the world makes you think that Donald Trump has changed from how he was 11 years ago? Also, it sounds like Mr. Trump also acted on some of what he said in those tapes.

  • Ian Lawson

    10/09/2016 12:38 AM

    I'm disappointed in Mike's inability to fully disavow himself from Donald Trump. I believe in forgiveness on the basis of repentance. But Trump has no idea what repentance means. His apology lacks sincerity and sounds more like an excuse. Come on Mike, be a true Christian. If Trump has a changed heart, it will show in changed behaviour.

  • Gayle Wheat

    10/09/2016 12:12 AM

    I am just so saddened that Christians are making excuses for Trump. Yes...if he has truly changed he deserves forgiveness. But when in an apology one says he didn't say anything worse than Bill Clinton it makes me wonder if he has changed. Own it Mr. Trump and don't try to make it all right by saying someone else did worse. Just own it and ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS. Something you say you have never had the need to do! And then step down and give us a chance to beat Hillary Clinton. You can no longer do that. If you love this country as you say you do stop being an embarrassment to it. Do the right thing!

  • Bob Welbon

    10/09/2016 12:10 AM

    How tender do our ears become when it is advantageous for us to become so. We applaud this gutter talk through our movies, radio, TV. Even prime time TV. We spend millions on movie tickets and award accolades to the entrainment industry for producing what borders on pornography.
    Now we are surprised that, in a private conversation, Trump allows his mouth to run away from his brain 10 years ago. The last time I checked, it is not a crime.
    Perjury, lying to Congress and the FBI, and unlawful enrichment are crimes and should be punished according to our laws. We should be far more concerned with the actions of the former secretary of state, who should know better, than the adolescent babbling of men.

  • Sandra van Joosten

    10/08/2016 11:31 PM

    To Susan Perry who commented earlier and anyone else who brings up the UTube video of President Obama speaking of "ribs and p*** y" you obviously did not watch the entire video but went directly to the point in the video where he makes the remark! If you had watched the entire video you would have known that he was reading an excerpt of his book and the part he was reading was a quote of another individual making a comment to him and a second party! He was reading this excerpt at the Cambridge Library at the Cambridge College he attended. ( he attended the Cambridge Law School) That, my dear, is what has turned our country into a laughingstock around the world! Seems our citizens who pen nasty comments all over social media Don't have the patience, nor intelligence, to read an entire article ( not just look at the picture and headline!) or watch a video from start to finish which would give them a true product to peruse and speak on. I am aghast and ashamed of the ignorance I come across each and every day. The lies about the 70+ people the Clinton's have supposedly " knocked off" with no names of sources, just accusations with no proof or justification! Grow up, get yourself better informed and stop making unfounded, hurtful accusations. We all will answer for every hurt we inflict on others whether it be " the judgement of God" or Karma. You too will pay for unsubstantiated accusations. It is almost like living in a country full of 7th grade girl cliques! Our country is coming up to a very important election that we need to put some forethought into. Our nation's security is at risk not withstanding our reputation in the world. Are we going to let a " reality t.v. narcissistic blowhard bigot represent us? I

  • Still4Trump

    10/08/2016 11:16 PM

    When Trump said these things, he was a Democrat.

  • Wanda Morgan

    10/08/2016 10:41 PM

    "He who is without sin.........cast the first stone." ....................
    For Petes sake, Mike Huckabee hit the nail on the is "locker room talk".
    I also want to say that making a statement is a far cry from repulsive actions (Bill Clinton). While the statements made by Trump were bad ...... what Hillary has done is far worse. People....she caused the death of so many - Benghazi - she has stole from tax payers - you & me - and she continues to lie about everything. I cannot think of one good thing she has not one -- 30 years of bad choices and corrupt deeds that have hurt tax payers - our children for years to come and our nation!

  • Tim Raymond

    10/08/2016 10:21 PM

    In what ways has Trump's character changed since this conversation was recorded when he was approximately 60 years old?

  • Patricia David

    10/08/2016 10:17 PM

    Check out video of Hilary saying to women of the world:
    CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA MUST DENY THEIR FAITH IN CHRISTIANITY....cites her saying those of us who believe in our cultural values (in the Bible) must change - either by the law or by political will!! We need to get this to all Christians and fast! So much more dangerous than Trump spouting some sexist comments of his era (in which i grew up in) or his entertainment lifestyle in which i would betcha Robert DeNiro has participated in himself over the years. Besides the no sexual harrassment movement didnt even begin till the late 90's and it takes awhile for those movements to actually have teeth and to take effect.

  • Jerry D. Woods

    10/08/2016 10:00 PM

    Mike, you are a gentleman ! You never mentioned that the Clintons in front of the Secret Service, has used similar language ! No one is talking about what the Clintons said or did ! If the repulsive language and behavior did not bother the election of Bill Clinton with the Democrats. Why is such a problem with the Republicans ? Is that Character matters with the Republicans candidates and not the Democrat candidates? I’m still voting against Hillary because I don’t want Progressive liberal Supreme Court Judges changing our USA Constitution !!!

  • Patricia David

    10/08/2016 09:59 PM

    Check out video of Hilary saying to women of the world:
    CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA MUST DENY THEIR FAITH IN CHRISTIANITY....cites her saying those of us who believe in our cultural values (in the Bible) must change - either by the law or by political will!! We need to get this to all Christians and fast! So much more dangerous than Trump spouting some sexist comments of his era (in which i grew up in) or his entertainment lifestyle in which i would betcha Robert DeNiro has participated in himself over the years. Besides the no sexual harrassment movement didnt even begin till the late 90's and it takes awhile for those movements to actually have teeth and to take effect.

  • Annita Louise Whisman-Rackley

    10/08/2016 09:56 PM

    The saddest collateral damage of this scandal is that our children are watching this crude drama play out, and it will affect the development of their core values. Many will conclude, "Why bother to develop my character? Only rogues and rascals get to be in the highest public servant positions in our country." I agree that Donald Trump's behavior was leaked strategically just to make him look bad at this crucial time, and his enemies are hoping it will overshadow Hillary Clinton's beyond outrageous track record. I hope Donald Trump really has changed. I'm not holding my breath to see evidence of true repentance; however, if he is still attracted to every pretty woman he meets, his public image is still infinitely better than that of Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is sad that it has to be either/or. America needs to upgrade their definition of integrity, character, and morality. I'm not politicking for a theocracy, but I think we can do a lot better than this. When grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, and fathers stopped saying, "Ladies and children present!" should we find it strange that ladies are lowering their morals, and children are missing their childhood. Hopefully, it will be a teachable moment for parents to talk to their children about the connection between character and behavior. Despite the lip of the liberal media, this is NOT the NORM among all women and men in their private lives. We need a revival of true LADIES and GENTLEMEN, and we need to teach our children what that those titles have real meanings, and that they are earned titles, not just something we call someone in sessions of the House and Senate.

  • Ron Gordon

    10/08/2016 09:48 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I have watched American politics for decades, and been fascinated with the power, greed, and drama that always is a part of the picture, regardless of which party people are a member of. The biggest ridiculous thing about your broken politics is the hypocrisy that runs throughout the entire system. No body wants to give anybody on the "other side" any support for what's good for the American people IF it makes their "party" look good in any way shape or form. Hence it becomes a stalemate with finger pointing and blame replacing what they should be agreeing with. BOTH sides do this, BOTH sides have this problem and if you were to get rid of the stupid party system and just elect people for what they stood for lots would get done and everyone would benefit. Trump is proof Charles Manson could get out of prison and still garner 38% of the vote if he ran as a democrat or a republican. Party first politics is your real problem and on a personal note you know what Trump is like and what he has been all of his life and my question to you once you take your party first and foremost glasses off and be honest with yourself and your daughter Sarah and your grandchildren , would you really want them to look back someday and see that their mother and Grandfather supported the likes of Trump?
    Is he what true Christians believe to be a God loving, clean living, honest and sincere person? If you answer yes to that in your heart and your head I think God would disagree, just saying! Give it some thought!


    10/08/2016 09:39 PM

    what he said was wrong and in excusable but it is okay to be forgiven actions speak louder than words and he said he was sorry she on the other hand has lied stole cheated and condoned behavior that is unacceptable and plays by a different set of rules than the average U.S. Citizen and our ass backwards government protects her and all her wrongs and she never has said she was sorry for anything or the pain she has caused in true form the ones who disown him actually support her which will kill our country

  • Ellen zoller

    10/08/2016 09:32 PM

    Your last statement is so true.. the Republicans should be protecting Trump.they know he will select decent judges.. l am disappointed.. forgive move on.. get rid of better than thou attitude!

  • Dave Bagnall

    10/08/2016 08:56 PM

    Just when I thought that an evangelical might be objective. Major fail Mr. Huckabee.

  • Walt Kaczmarek

    10/08/2016 07:16 PM

    Yes....what he said was wrong. Maybe MORE than wrong. It would never have been things that came out of my mouth, even before I became a Christian. However, it is the type of typical "guy" talk that is out there. 10 years ago, he wasn't grooming himself to be a presidential candidate. He was just being one of the "guys". Nothing that would not have been heard in any bar talk. Am I excusing it? No. This is not appropriate for anyone. However, I can forgive it. We all have said and done things we regret. As I said before...a prefer a flawed candidate to a deceitful one.

  • Jerrell Strawn

    10/08/2016 06:21 PM

    i doubt the 'media' would have covered the WikiLeaks data even if Trump hadn't shot a glancing blow off his own foot. The media would have continued covering Hurricane Matthew 24/7 - because it was/is so important.
    But about 1800 yesterday when the Trump tape appeared, Hurricane Matthew just disappeared from coverage - anywhere. And the coverage of Trump's comments are much more important than covering the insignificant data dump on Hillary.

  • Susan Perry

    10/08/2016 06:16 PM

    Romans 2:1-2
    Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgement , for in that in that which you judge
    another, you condemn yourself, for you who judge practice the same things. Bill Clinton Obama in video talking about eating ribs and p***y. So why single our Trump? A man used a government card at a strip club and gave a huge tip. You know some ppl in congress has their own dirty laundry, on YouTube. The Trump supporters are still backing him and conviction is stronger. They also find it a nasty tactic and just don't care about a 15yrs old story and say Clinton are far more worse.

  • David Allen

    10/08/2016 06:00 PM

    Thank you Mike for your insight. I will still support Trump also. I am ashamed of our elected republican officials that run from our nominee instead of standing up for him. Much of our party has turned liberal and has lost their way. The GOP is not a team that works together, only separate players trying to become a hero in their own mind. So it is up to the people of the Republican party to set them straight and elect Donald despite what they may think is good for us. We know better then Ryan, Rubio, McCain, Hatch, and the Busch family, extra.

  • Elizabeth Lamb

    10/08/2016 05:52 PM

    Mike, you are so right. It is shameful that ABC especially in one siding this election process. I think your opinion is very good for both candidates and I just hope all of the fair weather friends and RNC senators and congressmen pull the correct lever in November. I have not ever seen such one sided reporting for the Big 4 broadcasting companies in my life. I still feel deplorable is much worse that what he said 11 years ago without knowledge of recording.

  • Bill Penick

    10/08/2016 05:45 PM

    I found this comment regarding the lewd Trump recording and agree with it entirely:

    *Let's keep this incident in a, "KEEP IT SIMPLE" perspective".

    **FACT#1; D.Trump , did; say a derogatory comment, ... in a private (male to male), conversation about women,.... Fair is Fair, ...Can we ponder the possible comments FEMALES say in private (Female to Female), conversations about men?

    Though, I do not condone the actual comments, and not making excuses of some wild & crazy comments..we need note, that, "We ALL, in private conversations", have also SAID THINGS that are rougish, and unacceptable, but likely never actually boasted about or acted upon, so in a nutshell, """It was a disgusting conversation, that was JUST TALK' NOT ACTION.""" (Actions speak louder than WORDS).

    **FACT #2,MEN are from MARS, Women are from VENUS,

    To get from point A to Point B,... regarding conversations public & private...."Men will walk right through the bushes, where as Women will likely , cautiously & carefully, walk around the bushes, feeling for the protection of the bushes".

    **FACT #3, At ther time (circa 2005), of the conversation, D.TRUMP, was a private citizen, in a perceived private conversation, and had zero inclination to enter the Public Venue for the Office of The Presidency. D. TRUMP's real ERROR was not being attentive to the significance, that he was wearing a open mike.. ((( Only the Democratic CONTROLLED -PUBLIC MEDIA- would create the now chaos of privacy to a obnoXuous public forum)))

    **FACT #4, D. TRUMP's repugnant comment, implied,...NO THREAT to others, in any form or manner, his comment was just a plain response in a male to male LOCKER ROOM type, comment and plainly, just stupid, gutter talk. "We are all Sinners Saved by Grace, and perfection is easier said that done"', EXCEPT when the atrocities of the Democrats, is brought to bear, (((relating to PROOF by RECORD of Fraudulent and UNLAWFUL ACTIONS of the Democrat's))), they just manipulate a interruption, such as this, to futher conceal and attempt to gloss over and demean, THE REAL ISSUES at hand.

    **FACT #5, It is rather difficult, to conceive that we might TAKE LITERALLY what ONE SAYS IN A PRIVATE AND JOVIAL TALK,... TO "ESTABLISH A FACT", OF A PREPONDERANCE OF physical WRONG-DOING, IN THE CONTEXT OF words VERSES actions.

    **FACT #6, "Words are Plentiful ... DEEDS are priceless". "To which; Let us reason the consequences of... 'Trump's words & deeds...verses Clintons words and deeds',... over a 30 year span of time, (in both public and private scenarios),... I VOTE TRUMP, as the Reliable Candidate, 'To MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN': over CLINTON... PERIOD.

    FACT #7, I will leave it for the readers of this post to we choose our NEXT POTUS, "Choosing TRUMP', the BOLD , and not a very politically correct OUTSIDER, that professes to correct our republic's present path...OFF... of our road to Self Destruction... over... CLINTON, the FORKED TONGUED LIAR, that escaped prosecution for many definitive Law Violations, etc...etc.

    Those are this Independent Voters perspective... and I am liable and accountable for the entirety of the contents of this post...PLEASE SHARE as You Choose... Thank You.

  • Martha klos

    10/08/2016 05:45 PM

    Do all these self riotous people think, if Hillary becomes President, she will tell Bill he can't come in the Whitehouse?? Bill will be free to play his dirty little games in any room he chooses. The worse part is another 8 years of Obama. Hillary will do anything to stay once in. The Republicans yelling the loudest are the same poor loosers that didn't get the man of their choices. No vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary and Obama.

  • Sonia Peña

    10/08/2016 05:43 PM

    I have never like Trump neither Hilary, America is facing the worst time in the election history, there is not good choice here, as a Christian I am tying to go by principles and not by promises, but none of them have principles nor values. I can only continue to pray God for wisdom and knowledge.

  • Pearl Taylor

    10/08/2016 05:36 PM

    One thing I do know...we have a forgiving God...but so many people can't be forgiving. Neither candidates are perfect...both have flaws. But for me I want someone that will not murder babies, give us freedom of to believe in God and live it, putting someone in the supreme courts that will be fair...and yes as you guessed I still will vote for Mr. Trump.

  • Bobbie Dalton

    10/08/2016 05:14 PM

    I disagree on the Trump comments being so awfully bad. As a woman I have seen and heard much worse 11 years ago and even today. We have a President that wants to allow children that don't identify in the shower/locker rooms with the sex that they identify with, to me that is much more damaging words/actions.. THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN. Trumps comments do not change or alter the plans he has rolled out if he were to become come president. As if democrats, congress and all other political outlets would ever not impeach him if was to act inappropriate. This country is failing.. I am amazed and frankly scared at how so many people can turn a blind eye to the lies, corruption, deceit the comes for the Clinton clan. I also cannot grasp the Republican establishment for not fighting to impeach Obama and for not backing Mr. Trump more than what they have. They need to quit being cry babies. Unless they are afraid to lose everything they have because they by far are not exempt from taking bribes , lying and deceit .. just maybe they are afraid of that being exposed.


    10/08/2016 05:13 PM

    Gossip and eavesdropping for the act of personal harm or gain is just as bad as Slander.

  • Mackie Braden

    10/08/2016 05:08 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, of course this is excusable. Who among us hasn't at one time or another said something they'd hate to have played back. The tape is so old it has whiskers.
    All the Rhinos dropping right and left were never truly on board. It makes me wonder whose tape it is. Mr Trump is duly chagrined and apoplectic, but he's still the same man he was in months passed, or even better after all the travel he's done and people with whom he's spoken.
    Listen to the women polled today in Wisconsin who think too much has been made.

  • MACKIE Braden

    10/08/2016 04:55 PM

    Of course they are excusable. They were made stupidly 11 years ago, but who hasn't, including you Gov. Huckabee ?
    All of this hoorah is absurd especially at this late date. This tape has gathered lots of dust awaiting it's play. It's another sleezy DNC ploy. Come on folks, keep you eyes in the ball. There's big trouble afoot.