October 3, 2016

Speaking of horribly un-PC things current political figures said in years past, the Ace of Spades blog has dug up video of a “horrible old racist” using disgusting triggering language such as “illegal aliens,” “criminal aliens,” “deportation” and “secure our borders.”  Guess who said it and where, then click the link to see if you were correct.



Yet another infuriating reminder of why this election is not about who said what about Miss Universe 20 years ago:  The Inspector General for the Veterans Administration reported that the VA shortchanged 33,400 disabled vets who are unable to leave their homes by a total of $110 million in benefits.  That was offset somewhat by the $44.3 million in homebound benefits they sent to vets who weren’t eligible for them.  One homebound disabled veteran was shortchanged by $350 a month.  On the bright side, it was finally corrected…after he went underpaid for nine years.  The VA blamed faulty computers and poor training and management. 

Answer honestly: which Presidential candidate do you think is more likely to reform the VA, replace the faulty computers, fire the incompetents and instill better training and management?  The one who buys used Blackberries off of eBay?



There’s been a lot of talk about the opportunities Donald Trump missed to attack Hillary Clinton during last week’s debate, but one of the easy pop flies he dropped was when she touted her economic plan.  She somehow will create jobs and make business boom by instituting trillions of dollars in new taxes and mountains of new micromanaging federal regulations.  Because it’s worked great the past eight years!  Just look at that stunning 1.2% GDP growth under Obama.

While Hillary brags about all the economists who love her plan (Flashback: Last January, 170 economists released a letter endorsing socialist Bernie Sanders’ plan, too), Larry Kudlow is not among them.  At the link, he compares the Clinton and Trump plans and runs down a list of all the Clinton tax hike proposals that her supporters adamantly deny exist.



There are so many laws on the books that it’s said we all violate 10 of them before breakfast without even knowing it.  There are a number of problems with that: such laws kill freedom and stifle innovation, they empower the government with the abuse of selective prosecution, and they foster a double standard.  We’ve seen that recently when Hillary Clinton was let off the hook for violating laws she should have known all about, while non-elites are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse.  That applies to people who were careless with government intelligence, but also to cases such as the retiree who was charged with a crime for accidentally driving his snowmobile into a National Forest Wilderness Area in Colorado when he got lost in a blizzard. 

If any good comes out of “the Hillary defense” (ignorance of the law), maybe it will make Americans question why we have so many laws and enforce them so unequally, and demand that our lawmakers do something about it.  A new article in Reason magazine makes the case for ending the era of “accidental criminals.”  Check it out and let me know your opinion in the comments.

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