November 16, 2016

The New York Daily News attacked me for linking to a story from Conservative Tribune about two students who were arrested for defacing the chapel at Northwestern University with racist, anti-gay, and anti-Semitic graffiti and the word, “Trump.” They accused me of spreading false information and hatred, and demanded an apology. And they’re right, I do owe readers an apology. Due to a posting error, the story was actually from last March, but it appeared to be a new story. I didn’t remember the original story and assumed it was new. For that mistake, I sincerely apologize. But the facts of the story were otherwise accurate.

As for the rest of the paper’s attacks on me, which included a disputed report that the vandals were Jewish, that was part of the original story and was certainly not intended as any sort of slur on Jews. It was considered relevant only because the hateful graffiti included a swastika, obviously intended to make it falsely appear that the vandalism was committed by anti-Jewish Trump supporters.

The Daily News writer went on to attack on me for defending Trump supporters from charges of widespread hate crimes, insinuating that there is a wave of hate crimes in America, all aimed in one direction: right against left. For the record: I would never defend anyone who is legitimately accused of a hate crime. There is no excuse for anyone to attack someone else because of who they are or what they believe. I have been a lifelong advocate for freedom of speech for all views, in the face of an ever-growing PC movement that would seek to gut the First Amendment and pre-censor people’s beliefs even to the point of depriving them of their livelihoods simply for holding certain religious beliefs.

But as we learned from Project Veritas, there has been a concerted effort over the past year to slander and demonize Trump supporters, even to the point of inciting violence at Trump rallies to blame it on Trump supporters. We know now that the much-ridiculed “hidden Trump vote” was real, because Trump supporters were intimidated into keeping their political views silent due to fears of intolerant leftists who were vandalizing cars, stealing yards signs and threatening them personally, all across the country. In the wake of that, I think it’s wise to maintain a little skepticism about reports of fire-breathing, violent Trump supporters. And if you want an example of a hate crime, how about this story from Rockville, Maryland, involving a 15-year-old boy in a “Make America Great Again” cap who was brutally beaten by anti-Trump protesters?

It’s not clear if any words were exchanged before the attack, but that’s the point. If you truly believe in non-violence and that “love trumps hate,” then it shouldn’t matter what words were exchanged. Nobody on either side of a political issue should ever respond to words with violence.

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  • Jeffrey G Gura

    11/18/2016 09:23 PM

    What will it take to reign in the media's decades of slander? Can a Republican government prosecute?