November 6, 2016

By now, you've probably seen the frightening footage of Donald Trump being hustled off stage in Reno by the Secret Service when someone in the audience who was thought to have a weapon rushed the stage. He's fine, and it turned out the man was not armed. I just wanted to share a few observations:

I've been on the campaign trail with Donald, and I've been amazed at his energy and stamina. He can do one rally after another until aides forty years younger than him are exhausted, but he keeps going strong. He loves being among his supporters. I know that after a scary incident like that, the Secret Service would never advise him to return to the stage, but he did, just five minutes later. It showed amazing courage.

Trump also showed a lot of class in thanking the Secret Service, local law enforcement officers and his supporters, who spotted the threatening spectator and dived on him. Trump supporters proved that they have his back the way he's promising to have theirs. I also know from experience that his Secret Service detail and the cops working his rallies like and respect Trump because he shows tremendous gratitude and respect for him. There are some presidential candidates I could name who talk a lot about respect but show very little of it to their Secret Service people. But I won't name her.

I'm glad Donald Trump is safe and sound. I hope that the shocking footage of the scare will make the people who've been using violent rhetoric over political differences reassess what they've let their overheated passions do to them. And I hope it will make voters think very hard before they fill out their ballots on Tuesday. Do you really want your children to grow up in a nation run by those who would resort to brute strength - whether personal or government - to silence non-politically-correct speech? And whose devotion to tolerance extends only to tolerating those who think exactly the way they do?

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  • Annita Rackley

    11/08/2016 05:31 AM

    Donald Trump is an incredibly brave man. Sadly, the liberals harbor a lot of hooligans who do
    not even flinch at violence. They have no morals, no self-respect, and no patriotism. They are
    thugs and parasites, and they were probably paid to threaten Donald Trump. They were
    probably recruited from the mass of parasites who have been sucking the great American
    middle class taxpayers dry for decades. These parasites are going to, eventually, kill off their
    host. Middle class taxpayers cannot sustain them. Tragically, they seem willing to take their violent mind-set to the literal level. What our systemic home-grown parasites do not kill off, the hordes of barbarians pouring over our southern border will finish. People think Clinton's brand of socialism will get them freebies. What a joke! That only works as long as you have a "willing host" to feed from! When the "host" (taxpayer) is no more, there will be NO MORE FREEBIES! Revolving door government employees and lobbyists are SCUM! The thugs who threatened Donald Trump are one step lower than scum. What will these parasites do when they have nothing left to feed from? I wonder. I suspect they will resort to violence, just like the scum that threatened Donald Trump. They're getting desperate. For this election cycle, Donald Trump really is one of the bravest heroes in America. And America really is FREEDOM'S LAST STAND!