November 15, 2016

You might not expect to read a positive review of the upcoming Donald Trump Presidency in, say, the Hollywood Reporter. But take a look at this one from a member of the film community who knows Trump well --- Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight.

“Just calm down, let not your heart be troubled; this man is going to be a wonderful President,” Voight says.

Voight has watched as the fear-mongering about a possible Trump win spiraled way out of control. The Clinton campaign did all it could to create panic about everything imaginable, up to and including a planet made uninhabitable by climate change or nuclear war. It became ridiculous. And now, it’s time to separate media images from the truth.

“If you listen to the propaganda about him, you never get to the real Donald,” Voight observes. “You have to feel heartened that this is a very, very smart man who chooses the people around him very wisely and knows how to assign responsibility.”

We’re already starting to see him in action, and those who didn’t support him should at least be saying, “So far, so good!” For the full interview with Voight, click here.

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