American Shockwave Is Next...

June 24, 2016

Liverpool, UK: I’m in Liverpool this week, and when I went to bed last night just before midnight UK time (having earlier heard Osmond brother Merrill in a terrific concert at the famous Cavern Club), it appeared that Brits would be staying IN the European Union, as pollsters were universally predicting a 52-48 victory for those advocating staying. By the time I got up a little after 6am, the news was already rocking the world—the UK voted to get OUT of the EU by the very 52-48 margin by which they were predicted to lose.

It can’t be argued that it was decided by a small sampling—a huge 72% of the Brits voted.

A little while later in the morning, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation. The stock markets around the world plunged, and the British pound dropped by its greatest dip in 40 years. (Good thing I brought some US currency to trade!)

Cameron was leader of the Conservative Party, but it was members of the Conservative Party who pushed for withdrawl. Cameron sided with the Labour Party and the institutions of government and finance. The majority of the people, including a significant number of Labour Party people, voted to get OUT.

Why does this matter to YOU in the USA? Because it was a foreshadowing of what will likely happen in November. Those who lead the political and financial institutions will push strongly that we “go along” our path and elect “Hellary” Clinton. There will be a large number (I believe a majority) who in spite of the uncertainty of specific policies, will vote to kick the political and financial institutions in their wide and arrogant rear-ends.

The votes in the UK to get OUT of the EU were those of workers tired of seeing their jobs taken by immigrants who didn’t share the British tradition, culture, and spirit. Many of our neighbors across the pond have felt they were losing their country and culture and that unrestricted immigration was changing their nation. It didn’t help that those wanting to stay in the EU branded the “out” group as racists or xenophobes. It was that many long time subjects of the British empire felt that their country was being lost to those who came to claim “free” benefits, jobs and education, but who also wanted to ignore what made the UK a great country and economy: its commitment to a moral authority and the rule of law and order.

Sound familiar?

This debate has deeply divided the UK, just as America has become deeply divided over essentially the same issues of nationalism vs. globalism. I’ve been speaking out about this for years—that America can afford to welcome immigrants who want to assimilate into America, but CANNOT afford to lose its culture and country to those who have no intention of speaking English, accepting the American Constitution of fundamental rights of the individual and of private property, and the moral authority based on the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Some in the ruling Conservative Party, like Cameron, had become more of the “house cats” of the ruling class. They defended multi-culturalism, unbridled immigration policies, and the siren song of globalism. Blue collar workers and some of the deeply traditional and patriotic British leaders (like Nigel Farage and former London Mayor Boris Johnson) led a revolt against the trend and a move toward a return to a unique and independent United Kingdom.

There is much hand-wringing and panic in the halls of government and finance in the UK. The truth is, no one really knows what will be the result of the UK getting out of the EU. But our friends the Brits determined that what they DID know was that if things kept on the way they were going, their grandchildren would live in a UK that wouldn’t resemble the one they loved and lived in.

Listen carefully to the US politicians who speak of doom and gloom about the British vote. Expect some of the GOP like Paul Ryan and other institutionalists tied to the financial empires to join with Democrats to call the vote “racist, short-sighted, and dangerous.” And watch them in November when they get their own comeuppance by an American people tired of watching their jobs disappear to other countries, the middle class getting sucker-punched and losing net worth while the globalist financiers made billions anyway, and while the best answers from the so-called conservative leaders were slashing Social Security and Medicare, gutting the basic constitutional rights of citizens to protect their jobs and their property, and pretending that there is no moral authority for our government.

A big shock in the UK; a big lesson and something to watch for in the United States.

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    06/26/2016 06:58 PM

    to bee gee, if we "devolve" as you say and it mean retaining our soveirnity and our Constitution and rule of law . I say that indeed should be our goal as it was to the Brits that voted to exit

  • BeeGee75

    06/26/2016 05:10 PM

    Yes indeed majority of England has voted for Brexit. But that doesn't make it right. Watch as Great Britain devolves to Little England. Is that what you want for United States of America - to become Divided States of America? Sure seems like it.

  • Michael J White

    06/26/2016 03:23 PM

    First Mr.Huckerbee let me commiserate with you for having to spend time in Liverpool as it is an industrial dump where probably the majority voted to leave the EU as it was the young uneducated and old uneducated who voted to leave. The former have not been deprived employment because of immigration but because they are uneducated and are going to be the losers because the EU provided valuable protection to these individuals as it did to the other main group supporting exit, that is the old jingoists yearning for the good old British days of land of hope and glory. It is old curmudgeons like you that the young educated electorate is tired of listening to and who keep adorning the media with feeble attempts to disseminate misinformation just as George Bush did to justify the invasion of Iraq. The Huckabee’s and McCain’s of this world should be relegated to God's waiting room. Moreover, the majority of Americans until Friday morning had never heard of Brexit and Liverpool is only known because of the Beatles. Also, I doubt one Brit knows who the hell Mike Huckabee is, and, if they did, they could not give a damn. Why not go away and prepare for another failed attempt at the Presidential nominee. A waste of time, space and money. If Trump is elected, the markets will be in free fall and America will be entering its darkest days since the great depression.

  • Janet Larson

    06/25/2016 10:18 PM

    I'm surprised there were no comments by now. A well written and well thought out as well as diplomatic explanation of what has happened in the UK this week. What a difficult decision it must have been for many people. Actually, I would like to see the referendum voted on again. There must be lots of people having second thoughts. And the margin between the two different votes was so narrow. And I agree that much of the same reasoning and emotional passion is occurring in the US. And the second thoughts have already begun to emerge. What price we may pay for what we view as freedom.

  • Jess Jameson

    06/25/2016 10:16 PM

    Thank you Mike, from UK. I cried when I woke up Friday. We got our freedom back! God bless Great Britain and we hope you do the same this November! There is still hope for liberty. We will stand by you always