Why Did The Orlando Terrorist Call 911?

June 13, 2016

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Every time there’s a terrorist attack, we’re treated to a politically correct chorus of responses, from President Obama and others, insisting that it had nothing to do with religion. It was about “hate.” It was “homophobia.” It was because guns laws aren’t tough enough.

No. It was about religion. Specifically, Islam.

One interesting new tipoff comes from Tom Joscelyn, senior fellow of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and senior editor of The Long War Journal, in an appearance on Fox News. He links the terrorist attacks to the Islamic mythology of heaven and hell. To cite just the most recent example, when the Orlando shooter called 911 to proclaim his allegiance to ISIS, he was doing so in obedience to the Islamic State, which has an entire literature devoted to such things. The jihadist is supposed to pledge allegiance to the Caliphate so he can die in a state of obedience. If he dies in a state of disobedience and has not performed this “buyout,” this oath of allegiance, he risks going to hell.

To ensure a trip to heaven for the jihadist, he must publicly state the oath. The shooters in San Bernardino did the same thing. Other terrorists have gone online to do it.

So, in case it wasn’t already infinitely clear to everyone with a functioning brain, Obama has it wrong. These horrific outbursts of violence are not simply to register displeasure against gays, Americans or (fill in the blank). They are intended as a one-way ticket to heaven, stamped with an oath of obedience.

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  • CAR

    06/14/2016 07:38 PM

    They read the Quran from an early age and being with parents/people that came up the same way, it cycles from one generation to the next.

  • Marie DeMor

    06/14/2016 01:21 PM

    You are so correct. I think these radical islamist are brain washed with hate and we foolishly are so worried about hurting their feelings that we allow them to do what they want. I so wish you could have been a final candidate in the presidental election. I like the way you think.

  • Sarah Berkley

    06/14/2016 11:54 AM

    Mike, would you share your views with Donald Trump? He's on the right trail but I don't
    think he is understanding the facts as you have just shared them. I know he couldn't get
    elected if he put this forth but I'd like to know that he understands what is behind all these

  • Grace Trowbridge

    06/14/2016 11:32 AM

    The only reason that nobody knows of agrees with this is because we are all taught in the public school and many churches (not Christian churches) that muslims are wonderful people and that the koran teaches peace. The problem is, the koran actually does teach peace in certain sections of it, and many self proclaimed Muslims are wonderful people (nobody is perfect of course) so they just take these select few and preach flashed to all of our children. I may only be 13 years old but I know quite a lot about this first hand. Some of my best friends still think that the KKK are Christians and that none of the radical Muslims were just that. We need to flood the public school with this information. At least there you will have people who are a little more open minded and willing to learn the truth.
    PS: You need to take the health add off of here. It totally distracts from the point.

  • Lon Halley

    06/14/2016 12:13 AM

    So true, there is abject ignorance when it comes to understanding "Radical Islam". So wish you could have been our president!