September 16, 2016

Blogger John Robb identified a new tax that’s crushing Europe’s economy: the terrorism tax. It’s the staggering accumulated costs of dealing with terrorist attacks. As noted in the link, a single terrorist attack in a city dissipates over time, but when you have repeated attacks, as in Paris, it creates fear and a negative image that kills tourism, which undermines the entire economy. That’s what many European nations are dealing with now, because their leftist leaders, in partnership with arrogant, unelected EU officials, threw open their borders to thousands of unvetted Middle Eastern migrants and declared it politically incorrect (or even illegal) to criticize the propagation of radical Islamic hatred and violence against their own cultures.

This just proves that "progressive" policies create ruinous taxes that destroy economies even on the rare occasions when they don't intend to.


Shelby Eckard found out in a really good way that kids are always listening.

She’d been talking on the phone about her personal goal of raising $1,000 for PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome. Shelby is a busy advocate for PCOS awareness.

Her little boy, six-year-old Parker, probably has little if any awareness of “polycystic ovary syndrome,” but he understood that his mommy was trying hard to raise money for a good cause. While Shelby was cleaning her kitchen counter the next day, she found his empty piggy bank and the money he’d been saving up to buy a Spider-Man toy. Next to it was a piece of paper that simply said, “MOMMY.”

You’ll smile when you read the explanation he gave her when she met him at the school bus that afternoon. And that’s not the end of the story --- find out what happened as a result of her posting the sweet story on Instagram! Just click here.


The talking heads are fuming at Donald Trump for playing them like a fiddle and beating them like a cheap rug.  After they spent all morning Friday breathlessly debating what he would say at his press conference about his support or repudiation of the Obama "birth certificate" controversy, he made them sit through a long parade of military veterans endorsing him before they finally realized that his previous statement that he recognizes Obama as being born in America was all he really planned to say.  Many reporters went into twitter meltdown over how Trump used their own desire to embarrass him to trick them into providing him with half an hour of free commercial time. 

This episode reveals a lot about Trump's cleverness in dealing with adversaries, but the media's reaction (fury that they were tricked into airing something important -- the statements of US veterans -- instead of something partisan and trivial) reveals even more about them.



When folks on the right question Hillary’s health, they get slammed in the media.  They’re criticized as sexist (as if they wouldn’t raise similar questions about a male candidate) and partisan (as if they wouldn’t raise similar questions about a Republican candidate).  But it turns out that even some who know Hillary well and support her for President have been voicing such concerns for quite some time.


We know this, in part, because of Colin Powell’s hacked emails.


In March of 2015, Powell and Jeffrey Leeds, described by the Washington Times as a “mega-donor” to the Democratic Party, are having an exchange about Hillary.  In the email, Powell refers to the fact that she would turn 70 her first year in office and observes, “On HD TV, she doesn’t look good.  She is working herself to death.”  “Not sure, but she has launched a story line that will be picked up.  I think there’s something to it.”


Leeds writes back a few minutes later to say that Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has expressed concerns, too.  “Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps.”


So when someone voices a concern about Hillary’s health --- or anything else that doesn’t seem in keeping with the “official” line -- it should be taken for what it is:  the legitimate and very natural inclination to question what we’re told, especially by someone with a well-earned reputation for hiding things.


And a new plot twist emerges in the Day of Manufactured Outrage.  Former McClatchy News DC chief James Asher says that back in 2008, longtime Clinton confidante and fixer Sid Blumenthal personally shopped the "Obama was born in Kenya" story to him.  That's when the "birther" movement really got rolling.  You might remember Blumenthal from his emails with Hillary that were hacked and released by Guccifer.  Or from the revelation that Hillary was getting sensitive foeign policy data from him, despite Obama's ban on hiring him for the State Department--in retrospect, one of his best decisions.

Some journalists are still desperately trying to knock this hot potato out of Hillary's lap, claiming there's "no proof" Blunenthal was working for Hillary's campaign.  Yeah, and there was no proof he was working for her State Department until her emails got hacked.  With Hillary, the claim that "no proof can be found" always carries multiple meanings.

The Democrats need to wake up to the fact that if they wanted to destroy Trump with scandal allegations, they shouldn't have nominated someone who's done everything they might possibly think to accuse him of,  times 50.

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