October 12, 2017

Nancy Pelosi has already taken to the podium and warned us that President Trump’s new executive order allowing the creation of some cost-reducing healthcare options will “sabotage” Obamacare, quivering with emotion and slamming it as “frankly, a disservice to the American people.” Well, frankly, Nancy, I’d say your words are a disservice to all those hard-working families going bankrupt trying to keep pace with their rising premiums and astronomic deductibles. No doubt those predictable talking points had been quickly composed by coffee-guzzling party hacks-on-autopilot who hadn’t even seen the details of the plan and didn't care.

Here are the more significant details of a very reasonable attempt to inject some competition and choice into an unsustainable program. Hey, even Rand Paul is on board for this, seeing it as a way to "transform" the marketplace. You tell me if that sounds like a disservice to you.


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  • Steve Hinton

    10/15/2017 02:29 AM

    Well the Truth is when they voted on the ACA as Nancy Pelosi was quoted " lets vote on it and read it later " they didn't care they have good Health care! People just don't realize how awful the ACA is and how rates have gone thru the roof and middle America and other's it is a house payment or more with thousands of dollars in deductable's but the democrats don't want to tell that story. I personally worked on a project starting in July of 2013 talking with people in 4 states. Now get this our of the 50 states only 14 states had a web site and 36 states said " NO " you have to ask yourself Why ? Some idiots dreamed the thing up who for sure knew they wouldn't be stuck with it ! The taxes that are in it is just terrible look at the " Cadillac Tax " that was the last tax they added to the ACA ! God Bless Pres Trump for doing something the democrats are for sure wanting to crash America . And here is something else i know of Senior's who are having a tough time paying for their Medication but you get these people come in from another country and the democrats give them everything for " Free " , just why do us Americans do this , why do the democrats are against who is paying their "Salary" the illegals aren't paying anything! Please people get together and put pressure on these politicians to be doing what is right for once, and educate yourselves on what is really true not what they tell you !
    God Bless and Pray

  • Michael Egbert

    10/14/2017 10:24 AM

    Have you ever noticed the democrats never point to any actual reason or fact about their complaints with decisions President Trump is forced to make due to the democrats lack of cooperation over ANYTHING? President Trump could have a halo and God's hand on his shoulder as he walked on water and the democrats would STILL find fault...

  • Kathy Myers

    10/14/2017 09:56 AM

    Gov. Huckabee, your comments and insight are always appreciated. Thank you. I don't understand why more isn't said about the large number of insurance plans under ObamaCare that are being pulled from the market. In Missouri just this month, Anthem is pulling their individual plans (ObamaCare plans) in almost 16 counties. This leaves no choice for the individuals needing to buy a plan through the Affordable Care Act. Only one company will be offering such plans in these counties. In Fall 2016, Anthem pulled individual plans out of the entire state of Tennessee. My brother-in-law who is successfully self employed had no options for insurance and was also at risk of being penalized for not having insurance going into 2017. All of this blustering by the Democrats and the inactivity of Repubicans should be called to task by pointing out what is actually happening on the street with health insurance. In Missouri, many citizens will have no choice regarding the type of insurance they can purchase. So wouldn't this lack of choice also dictate the type of health care they will receive because it is controlled by the insurance company? We have great health care in this country but our individual choices are being severely limited. At least in Missouri, the insurance market is dwindling. I would love to see you and the President and our Republican Congress show the Democrats what is really happening.

  • Joan Chambers

    10/13/2017 04:47 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    President Donald Trump has to sign executive orders to get anything done because there is so much animosity and hatred towards him. The dems are instructed to vote no even if their heart says yes.
    The dems do not want President Trump to succeed - they are afraid.
    Obama wanted change - he got his wish!
    Take care and God Bless.
    Love your messages - thanks for letting us hear from you.

  • Gary Williamsonr

    10/13/2017 04:44 PM

    It's amazing how Gov, Huckabee can be right on target with his comments every time a liberal opens their mouth. These news comments ought to be on everyone's best seller list.