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  • Michelle Archie

    10/12/2017 04:10 PM

    Mike Huckabee interview with President Trump was a disgrace. How can he talk about respect when he showed no respect for the office of a president ; when he used the word "son's of bitches" that was vugar,and not acceptable for the president of our nation. Disrespecting the leader of North Korea on national TV; that was an insult to the whole country. Mr. Huckabee agreed with the insult which puts fuel on the fire. Michael when contenting with the Devil over the body of Moses ; didn't call the Devil out of his name knowing that the Devil is all evil. Do you THINK it would be wise to do the same instead of causing diversity tactics and distraction when he's faced with problems he has no answer to.What next distraction? Will he still causing divisions between the races?

  • Pete Cunningham

    10/10/2017 02:44 PM

    Really enjoyed that first show. Looking forward to watching again next Sunday. Have my DVR set to record all of the shows.

  • Patti Massaker

    10/09/2017 04:08 PM

    I LOVED this interview with President Trump. How cool was it to have him on your very 1st show. BTW...WOW what a fabulous show.
    My husband and I are taping each and every one of them in case we can't watch it live. Two thumbs up! I will share this segment/interview
    with my friends who weren't able to catch your 1st show. Can't wait to see next week's show!!! God bless.

  • William Hanlin

    10/09/2017 02:00 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for what you are doing to keep the conversations true and done with respect. This was a great interview!

  • Sherry McLelland

    10/09/2017 12:15 PM

    Governor Huckabee: What a pleasure to see an interviewer who allowed his guest to talk without being constantly
    interupted with the interviewer's own thoughts about issues and going into long explanations which often are repetitory. It was a good, solid interview that I really enjoyed. Thank you. Congratulations on your new show.