October 23, 2017

Of course, America needs socialized medicine, just like Great Britain has! And of course, there will be no “death panel” type decisions, where some people are denied health care because of their lifestyle choices!

Except that Great Britain’s National Health Service, which already makes patients wait a long time for necessary surgery, just announced that needed surgeries will not be given to patients who smoke or are overweight. Those who fail to lose weight or stop smoking could end up waiting indefinitely for surgery.

On the bright side, the lack of surgery will probably kill you before the smoking or fat does. Sorry, that’s the best bright side I can come up with for government-run health care.



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  • Sara Theriot

    10/24/2017 10:21 AM

    If government is paying for healthcare then they have every right to refuse or prolong the wait for surgery for people that are not proactive when it comes to their health. It saves the government money. That being said, it is also another reason to reject the idea of socialized medicine. The Declaration of Independence says everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That includes over eating, smoking, and drinking if individuals choose. People should not have to pay for those choices with their lives. I'm willing to bet the same people that agree with refusing to perform life saving surgery on overweight and patients who are smokers are the same individuals that reject capital punishment. Shouldn't their criminal justice system follow the same philosophy as their healthcare system if the ultimate goal is to save money?

  • J Michael Malloy

    10/24/2017 07:54 AM

    But smokers and overweight people still have to pay taxes! Taxation without operations is tyranny.

  • Mary Sharp

    10/24/2017 05:34 AM

    Don't want socialized medicine. But would love to see more people being proactive about their lifestyle.

  • Roberta Marye

    10/23/2017 07:40 PM

    At the age of 65, I have become, by no choice of my own, dependent on government-run health-care. At the same time that a person's health needs increase, and they retire, thus decreasing their income, the coverage for care decreases under medicare, putting more financial strain on those who spent a lifetime working and paying mandated taxes for these programs. This is just one facet of the nightmare of government run programs. There are too many to go into here. Our government is out of control and Medicare and social security administration are bordering on being chaotic. I can't understand how anyone with an ounce of sense can actually believe that more government control is needed. After having worked since age 20, paying heavy taxes and soaring increases in the cost of living, being unable to save much of anything, here I am along with countless others at the mercy of beaurocracy. It sucks!

  • Patricia Davidson

    10/23/2017 02:20 PM

    seems we were doing fine till obama decided to institute his own agenda and force his obama-lama-ding-dong health care program onto the its evolved into an entitlement and we are playing hell to get rid of it

  • E W ENglish

    10/23/2017 02:01 PM

    Then there was the senator a couple years ago that said that we all should die at age 75 because healthcare became too expensive after that time. . PHOOEY ! ! !

  • Elynor Cassinelli

    10/23/2017 12:58 PM

    Unfortunately what Americans see when they travel to a socialist country is the ease with which they can obtain ANY kind of drug with out a prescription. Just returned from Italy where our tour bus was all sick with coughing blowing something. Went to a Farmacia. The druggist conducted the exam, and gave us our choice of 3 meds. We chose paid, and left. 10 minutes tops. They liked that. So they saw the good NOT THE usual.

  • Nancy Fowkes

    10/23/2017 11:53 AM

    I saw this on Gutfeld last night and found it so troubling. It would be mighty sad to let overweight people die because they have what I call "cancer of the fat cells". What about skinny people with cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes? Are they in the next group to be denied surgeries, etc.?

  • Susan Mager

    10/23/2017 11:34 AM

    Well, it sounds to me like they are not only playing God, but looking for some kind of perfect human race. Sound familiar?