October 16, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Huck's Hero salute -- Iran's President responds -- Hillary's claim blows up in her face -- Geraldo reports -- "The High-Horse Cavalry" -- Additional Commentaries 

SURVEY RESULTS: We have results for our last two poll questions listed below.

Our question:  Do you support Vice President Pence's decision to leave the Colts NFL game after some players knelt during the national anthem?

81% YES
2% NO

Our question:  Do you support President Trump's use of Twitter to bypass the MSM filter?

61% YES
28% NO


Happy Monday America!

A big Huck’s Hero salute to Peter Lang, who runs the Safari West wildlife preserve in Santa Rosa, California. When the Sonoma wildfire threatened his nearby home and the 1,000 animals on his preserve (giraffes, antelopes, zebras, monkeys and many more), Lang could have fled or tried to save his house. Instead, he stayed on the wildlife preserve, facing down the blaze, putting out small fires, and constantly moving the animals to safety.

Lang’s home was lost to the fire, but he said, “I did not lose a single animal. It is amazing.” Friday, he reported that “the animals are safe and accounted for with full bellies and plenty of water to drink.” When word got out of his sacrifice, many people offered aid, but Lang suggested that they give it to his neighbors instead. He said, “I have a thousand souls I’m responsible for. It wasn’t even a decision. This is what I had to do.”


Mike Huckabee



Iran's President responds

By Mike Huckabee

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani reacted negatively to President Trump’s decision to decertify Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. Rouhani said the US needs to reform its diplomacy and learn how to treat other nations. He further clarified that when Iran’s leaders chant “Death to America” several times a day, that’s aimed at US policies, not the American people.

Good to know.


Hillary's claim blows up in her face

By Mike Huckabee

Hillary Clinton has admitted to drinking a lot of Chardonnay to get past the sting of losing the election. I can’t help wondering how much Chardonnay she had before deciding it was a good idea to complain to a TV interviewer about how intolerable it is to have a “sex assaulter” in the White House.


Geraldo reports

By Mike Huckabee

Press accounts that President Trump’s efforts to help Puerto Rico have been half-hearted and ineffective are “grotesquely unfair,” “the worst, most dishonest press” and outright “fake news.” No, that isn’t Trump talking. That’s reporter Geraldo Rivera, who just got back from Puerto Rico where he saw the rescue effort firsthand.



The High-Horse Cavalry

By Mike Huckabee

Kellyanne Conway coined a great new term for liberals and feminists who protect men like Harvey Weinstein while attacking President Trump as a sexist, even though he’s continuing a long history of promoting competent women to positions of power. She’s dubbed these folks “the high-horse cavalry.”


Additional Commentaries

The links below are to commentaries I have written.  Please leave me a comment on my website.  I read them!


Three words causing a stir



Trump: I don't want to make insurance companies rich



Russia meddled story gets absurd



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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Carroll D. Brown

    10/16/2017 09:12 PM

    Hi MIke,
    I enjoy your email reports and read most of the articles most days. I won't claim to read every word but a lot. I saw a disturbing report on 60 Minutes and I would like to know if it is true or if this is more fake news. Here is the headline from 60 Minutes on line article. "Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress". I would appreciate your checking it out and if it is true, bring it to President Trump's attention because the article ends with the note that the man responsible for the teeth being taken out of the law to prosecute these people was just appointed 'Drug Tzar'. Here is a link to the story on 60 Minutes: If it is true, this is the last man in the world to be Drug Tzar. I have a great deal of suspicion of CBS and I know that it is easy to slant a story such as this. However, there is the appearance of truth in what these men who were trying to stem the tide of opioids say. So I am concerned that POTUS could be appointing the fox to guard the henhouse.

  • Brian Jacobs

    10/16/2017 03:27 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I have a new story title for you "POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK"
    Hillary in her interview with a British Anti Brexit supporter told him that she lost the election because of Brexit voters and the Fake news and un-fair media coverage she got. I almost fell off my couch laughing at that irony. She couldn't win the election and now a year later she still blames everyone else for her loss and now is taking a page from President Trumps book and blaming the media. Problem, is they are on her side, so I'm not sure why she's blaming the media.

  • Anita Phillips

    10/16/2017 02:59 PM

    Mike Huckabee: You and your daughter are the reason so many Americans have no faith in Christians. You, Trump, and the so-called "Freedom Caucus" have turned more away from God than any humans who have existed until now. You spout these lies every day, like saying you don't "remember" Trump admitting to sexual assault! You lie and twist things, all in the name of being a CHRISTIAN? Now, your daughter has taken up your mantel? You have to be atheist to think you will get away with all of it. No sane person can openly lie, day after day, and think they will escape eternal damnation for it, unless, they do not believe in God or what the bible says. You spout your sanctimonious garbage every day. Keep it up, the Devil is stoking his furnace, just for people like you.

  • Krystyna Krupa

    10/16/2017 02:57 PM

    Dear Governor. Any time I see you on Fox, hear you on our radio shows or read what you wrote I adore and support you more and more. You say how it is, you are always honest and you have such refreshing moral clarity. Thank you.
    In addition- you sometime make statements that have me smile and laugh all day long. God bless you. I'm your fan forever.