October 17, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Situational ethics -- Hillary booed -- NFL players do it again -- NFL networks have a new plan -- Persecutions of Christians rising -- Additional Commentaries 

POLL: Do you agree with the TV networks' plan to stop showing the National Anthem on TV so viewers don't see any protesters?


Yet another example of “situational ethics,” as liberals still denounce President Trump for saying crude things in private ten years ago yet praise rapper Eminem as a hero for attacking Trump rap-style, even though he's recorded some of the most violent, filthy, misogynistic lyrics in history. Warning: even with the worst words edited, the quotes from his songs at the link are not for impressionable youth, who are, sadly, Eminem’s target audience.

Personally, I wonder why people are celebrating Eminem as some kind of courageous hero for attacking Trump. Eminem became famous for saying controversial things that shocked the establishment. Now, that’s what Trump is famous for. Meanwhile, Eminem is rapping cliched, half-baked anti-Trump talking points straight out of the Huffington Post. It’s as if he’s taking dictation from the political establishment. If he’d wanted to prove he was still a brave rebel, he would have said something in support of Trump and really made the establishment’s heads explode.

This rant might have been aimed at bringing down Trump, but it will just bounce off of him. If it delivers a serious blow to anyone’s career, it’s more likely to be Eminem’s. This could be his jump-the-shark moment. What teenager wants to look up to a dangerous gangsta rapper who’s being praised by Keith Olbermann and Ellen DeGeneres?


Mike Huckabee



Hillary booed

By Mike Huckabee

Hillary Clinton decried the lack of empathy in Europe and the US, as she accepted an honorary degree at a college in Wales while some students booed and jeered her and shouted that she was a “fascist.” Well, at least now she can empathize with every Republican who’s set foot on a campus in the past year or so.


NFL players do it again

By Mike Huckabee

Just when you thought NFL players had done everything possible to alienate fans, Some New Orleans Saints players found a way not only to disrespect the flag and the National Anthem but to ruin a moment of silence for a murdered police officer. Many in the crowd did not remain silent.


NFL networks have a new plan

By Mike Huckabee

NFL players continue to use the National Anthem as a time to take a knee and protest America, and the NFL has decided to side with them instead of with the angry fans. If the League wants to commit suicide, that’s their dumb choice, but TV networks who pay through the nose to air the games would like to have a few viewers left. Fox and ESPN have hit on a strategy to try to keep the protests off TV. But it involves also keeping the Anthem off TV.

Prediction: this won’t work. First of all, football fans are patriotic. We want to see the National Anthem start the game, as tradition dictates. It’s also disrespectful to the Anthem not to air it. Second, if you don’t show us what’s going on, we’re going to draw our own conclusions. Believe me, at this late date, very few fans will be happily imagining that all the players are standing at attention and showing respect for America. The one thing even worse than what the players are actually doing during the Anthem will be what viewers are imagining they’re doing when they’re not on screen.



Persecution of Christians is rising

By Mike Huckabee

For those who claim the “war on Christians” is a myth, here’s a bulletin from the front lines. The Catholic charity Aid To The Church In Need just released a report based on studies of 13 nations, and it found that the persecution of Christians is now worse than at “any time in history.” Christians are not only more persecuted than any other religious group, they are also enduring the worst forms of persecution.

The report says that in many of the countries, the situation was so severe that it seemed impossible for it to get worse, “and yet it did.” For instance, if current trends continue, the entire Christian population of Iraq will be virtually wiped out by 2020. It’s one of the worst genocides in history, yet many in the West prefer simply to pretend that it doesn’t exist and instead focus on trivial complaints of grievance groups in the US as if they were the worst persecution in the world.


Additional Commentaries

The links below are to commentaries I have written.  Please leave me a comment on my website.  I read them!


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  • Kenneth Heroux

    10/18/2017 03:16 AM

    I am one of the millions of Americans who no longer watch the NFL because of these overpaid cry babies. Their antics show what is truly wrong with our Nation. I now have an additional 18 hours a week to engage in family activities and other labors of love around my home and property. Also for the record I will not be buying a new Ford this year or drinking a cold Budweiser until they strike blow to the pocket books of the NFL owners who allow this disgraceful kneeling during the anthem of the greatest nation to have ever existed on this earth. So to the NFL I am proud to take a knee to you by clicking the TV remote off your games in protest to your protest.

  • Patricia Davidson

    10/17/2017 05:23 PM

    I agree with Amelia! None of them (players-owners-fans) should be protected by simply not showing anything on TV! I firmly believe that anyone not standing for our National Anthem should be #1, removed from the premises, #2 if an employee- FIRED on the spot and #3 if a student or teacher, expelled from school & fired from the school!

  • Amelia Little

    10/17/2017 01:20 PM

    I didn't vote on your poll. I think the playing of the National Anthem should be televised, but all cameras on the performer, on the flag, and no commentary from broadcasters (they should always shut up and pay attention when the Anthem is played.) No commentary about kneeling at any time, just do the play by play when the game starts, stats about passes completed, caught, etc. Broadcasters should also leave their political statements for another time, another place.

  • Roz Mitakides

    10/17/2017 11:13 AM

    I am appalled at the 60 Minutes doc on the bill that stripped DEA enforcement. How can Pres Trump tweet that Marino is a ‘good man’?? He & all of Congress sold Americans for $. How is that ‘good’?