October 25, 2017


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Today's Commentary: John McCain speaks out -- Medal of Honor awarded -- Live Action exposes abortion -- Sanctuary states -- Mark Cuban for President -- Additional Commentaries 

OUR NEW POLL:  Should President Trump stop making personal condolence calls to Gold Star families?



I know Republicans (particularly Trump supporters) have had their problems with Sen. John McCain recently. But he’s got something to say about the recent politicization of Trump’s condolence calls to grieving Gold Star families that everyone should heed. His message: Stop the public squabbling. Whether it’s the President, angry family members, opportunistic Congress members or whomever. Take a moment to remember where the focus belongs: on showing respect for the ultimate sacrifice made for this nation by a heroic US military member. It’s not about you or your political agenda or scoring points in the media. You can fight about all that later. When a US soldier is killed, that’s where the focus should be. Hold your fire, hold your tongues, and show some restraint and respect on all sides. Does anyone disagree with that?


Mike Huckabee


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Medal of Honor awarded

By Mike Huckabee

Campus Reform surveyed college students about President Trump’s tax reform plan and made an interesting discovery. When they were told it was Trump’s plan, the students reacted with negativity and sarcasm and denounced it with the standard leftwing tropes such as “tax breaks for the rich.” But when they were told it was Bernie Sanders’ plan, they loved it.

This helps illustrate how young, naïve students have been brainwashed into embracing an unthinking leftwing mindset without really knowing the facts. Now, let’s try the same experiment on reporters, Congress members and adult Hollywood celebrities, and see if we can figure out why we'll probably get the same results.


Live Action exposes abortion

By Mike Huckabee

The pro-life group Live Action has found a very effective way to convert young people to a pro-life view. Their secret weapon: the truth. They’ve created a website with videos that show, with unblinking clinical accuracy, exactly what happens during the four most common forms of abortion procedures. These are the ugly facts that the abortion lobby tries to hide behind closed doors and lawsuits and vague euphemisms such as “reproductive choice.”

When people see what actually happens, it shatters their ability to deny what abortion really is: killing and dismembering a pre-born human being. They are also forced to confront the fact that “pro-choice” is a vague euphemism for “pro-denial.”


Sanctuary states

By Mike Huckabee

Another great argument for “sanctuary states”: the illegal immigrant whose case was cited in making Massachusetts a “sanctuary state” stands accused of assaulting a wheelchair-bound woman in broad daylight in Boston and stealing $2000 she’d just taken out of the bank. He supposedly couldn’t be deported because his home country wouldn’t take him. Sounds like their government was a lot smarter than that of Massachusetts.


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Mark Cuban for President

By Mike Huckabee

Mark Cuban has lately become as famous for endorsing Hillary Clinton and bashing Trump as he is for the Dallas Mavericks or the TV show “Shark Tank.” Now, he says he’s seriously considering running for President. And in this article, he reveals which party banner he would probably run under and why. Can you guess? No, guess again.



Additional Commentaries

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