October 31, 2017


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Today's Commentary: Federal judges at it again -- Repulsive ads in Virginia -- The Bible informs science -- 500 years -- The third indictment -- Menendez trial update


This may be a reference that young people won’t get, but federal judges are starting to sound like a broken record. Liberals who can’t impose their agenda though the ballot box have taken to trying to block President Trump by filing lawsuits in states with friendly, activist liberal judges. First, it was to block his temporary ban on foreigners from six nations with serious terrorism activities and no reliable vetting. Now, they’ve found a judge in Washington, DC, who’s blocked Trump’s order overturning Obama’s order to allow openly transgender people in the US military.

She did uphold Trump’s ban on letting such recruits have gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense, but she blocked the rest, ruling that the transgender plaintiffs would be likely to win their lawsuit by proving that they would be injured by Trump’s directive.

As with the travel ban lawsuits, this will likely end up in the Supreme Court, where plaintiffs will have to explain why it was constitutional for Obama to change the longtime policy but not for Trump to change it right back. They might also be grilled on why the military is allowed to disallow recruits for any number of mental or physical reasons, but not this one, even though it had been longstanding policy up until Obama unilaterally decided to change it. Apparently, Constitutional executive powers are granted only to Presidents liberal judges personally voted for.

I have to hope that once all these cases land in the SCOTUS’ lap, they will issue clear, forceful rulings with no room for interpretation by lower court judges, who seem to believe their gavels are magic wands that give them extra-Constitutional powers over areas such as national security that are specifically reserved to the President. At the rate we’re going, if North Korea ever does fire a missile at us, I expect some federal judge to issue a restraining order against Trump shooting it down until they decide whether he’s allowed to keep it from entering the country.


Mike Huckabee


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Repulsive ads in Virginia 

By Mike Huckabee

A PAC called Latino Victory Fund that’s supporting Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for Virginia Governor released an ad against Republican candidate Ed Gillespie that just might be the lowest, most repulsive, most unconscionable political ad run since the days when Andrew Jackson was accused of cannibalism. It’s meant to depict Gillespie, Donald Trump and their supporters as evil, racist, white supremacists who drive pickups with Confederate flags and use them to chase down terrified minority children, and, I’m just guessing here from the context, filet and eat them. It’s absolutely disgusting, especially in light of the recent tragedy in Charlotte where an alleged white supremacist ran down a protester with a car. You can see it at the link, but I warn you: you’ll feel as if you need a shower afterwards.

It’s common for candidates to say they have no control over despicable ads run by PACs on their behalf, and that may be legitimate. But they usually have the decency to distance themselves from the ads and demand they be pulled. In this case, the Northam campaign responded to public outrage over the vile race-baiting ad by trying to rationalize and justify it instead of condemning it. Let’s hope the voters of Virginia see the kind of character that reflects and rebuke it at the polls. And if this is any indication of the kind of campaigns Democrats are planning against Republicans in 2018, let’s hope Virginians send a message that slander and ginning up fear and racial divisions are not winning strategies.


The Bible informs science

By Mike Huckabee

For those who claim the Bible is just a book of fairy tales: Scientists have reportedly pinpointed the oldest solar eclipse ever recorded, dating back to October 30, 1207 B.C. And it’s mentioned in the Bible, in Joshua 10:13. In fact, that’s what helped them pinpoint it.


500 years

By Mike Huckabee

Today marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses that he initially hoped would spark debate in the Catholic Church, but instead set off the Protestant Reformation and literally changed the world.


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The third indictment

By Mike Huckabee

A third indictment in the Robert Mueller probe nearly got overlooked in all the hubbub over Paul Manafort. It was a guilty plea to one count, made on October 5 and just unsealed, by a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos. He pleaded guilty to making false statements to investigators about his relationship with foreign nationals he thought to have close relationships with Russian officials. He reportedly emailed seven members of the Trump campaign about setting up an off-the-record meeting with Russian officials, possibly including Vladimir Putin, to discuss US-Russia ties, and also relayed that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and thousands of her emails (big surprise.) In a real “Huck’s Criminal Mastermind” moment, he allegedly lied to the FBI about the timing of those communications and tried to cover it up by deleting his Facebook posts.

Well, at least this actually happened within the previous two years and did involve Russia and the campaign. But the meetings he tried to set up apparently never happened, with several Trump campaign advisers warning it might violate the Logan Act. So unless Russia colluded with Trump to rig the election during a meeting that never took place, this still isn’t looking like Watergate on the Volga.


Menendez trial update

Monday, the judge in the bribery trial of Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey denied a defense motion to declare a mistrial. Prosecutors have accused Menendez of selling influence to a wealthy eye doctor who defrauded Medicare of millions, in exchange for a lifestyle out of a travel brochure for the rich and famous. If you read the judge’s comments at the link, which is worth it, he not only denied their mistrial motion, he ridiculed the very idea that he would agree to that, and blasted Menendez’s attorneys for thinking the rules of evidence don’t apply to them.

Gee, I wonder where they would get the idea that the rules involving selling your position of public trust to enrich yourself don’t apply to powerful Democrats in Washington? I also want to point out this story because I think someone needs to. For the past few months, in what seems to me to be blatant bias, the media have been beating the drum 24/7 over unproven allegations against Donald Trump while completely ignoring a trial in which a powerful Democratic Senator is accused of selling his office to the highest bidder. I don’t have a big media spotlight, as the major networks do, but at least I can aim my flashlight at it.


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  • vicki shank

    11/01/2017 04:43 PM

    Dear Mike, I enjoy reading your newsletters and also really enjoy watching your daughter hold her own against all those journalists in the press room. You must be very proud of her. Thanks for keeping us informed of what's going on in this crazy country of ours. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Henk Vanderhorst

    11/01/2017 12:41 AM

    I second the motion of another commenter: please provide the missing links (URLs) we can click on to read more on the topics mentioned.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    10/31/2017 08:43 PM

    I don't think these liberal judges read anything about the case they see it involves Trump and the other side get a automatic win.

  • Jayne Scott

    10/31/2017 05:25 PM

    Hello Mr Huckabee! On some of your posts you refer to a link to follow up but I am not seeing the links. Perhaps I am not looking in the right place. I have checked both the email & on your page. Thank you!

  • Robert Ganz

    10/31/2017 05:18 PM

    I just wanted to mention the same thing about links being mentioned but not actually there. Please check that out.

  • Alex N

    10/31/2017 02:17 PM

    Love reading Mike's newsletters! Informative, sharp and funny. But periodically there are references to a links such as "You can see it at the link" but there is NO LINK anywhere. This can be a bit frustrating. Hopefully someone will notice this comment and correct it in the future.