October 1, 2017

Well, that was quicker than a supersonic jet. Tom Price is out as HHS Secretary, tendering his resignation just days after news broke that he’d cost taxpayers between $400,000 and $1 million in private and charter jet travel. The final straw for President Trump reportedly came when Price, after promising to fully reimburse taxpayers, offered only $51,000, the cost of his seats, but not those of all the aides forced to accompany him. It gave a double meaning to the phrase, “The Price Is Wrong.” He’d also reportedly asked about reopening his agency’s executive dining room, closed since the last Bush Administration. That sort of thing undermine’s Trump’s vow to cut waste and stop the squandering of taxpayers’ money.

There will inevitably be those who’ll use Price’s quick ouster to attack Trump, accusing him of having a “chaotic” Administration, etc. But others may find it refreshing to see that Trump is willing to fire one of his Cabinet picks for traveling on private jets, which was fairly common among such Obama staffers as Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Leon Panetta and Robert Mueller, and barely noticed by the media. Of course, Nancy Pelosi is notorious for treating military jets as her family’s private Uber service. And under Obama, officials from the IRS to the VA to the DOJ often seemed to deserve not just firing but jail, yet Obama stood by them. Some, we’re still trying to pry out of office.

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