November 27, 2017

In the wake of that story about the North Korean soldier who made a mad dash for his life and lived to tell about it, we’re seeing more evidence of the desperation that Kim Jong-Un has wrought.

Over the weekend, the Japanese Coast Guard discovered a dark wooden boat filled with mostly-skeletonized human beings in the area of their coastline closest to North Korea. In addition to the eight dead, the boat also contained notes written in Korean, so we know beyond a reasonable doubt that these were people desperate to escape from the savage Kim regime.

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In the same area, but in a seemingly unrelated occurrence, the bodies of two men washed ashore, along with pieces of a wooden boat. All these victims join the nine bodies and three survivors that have been found in boats this year.

It’s no wonder that the soldier at the DMZ chose to gamble with North Korean bullets; trying to escape by boat is no less dangerous than being fired upon. And a fast death would certainly be preferable to a slow and insanely torturous one.

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Perhaps what was going through the minds of all these poor souls was some version of “Give me liberty or give me death.” But that’s hard to say, as the North Koreans have little comprehension of the natural state called liberty that we blithely take for granted (especially if we are NFL players, but I digress). With so little access to the outside world and even to such concepts as freedom and democracy, they surely listen to their stomachs (and perhaps their sad hearts) more than they do their heads. The shocking condition of that soldier tells it: infestation with parasites, borderline starvation.

No, the main thought was probably more like “Give me food or give me death.”


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  • Al Everson

    11/30/2017 12:02 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Please remember -- and do not ever forget -- there are still live American prisoners of war captured in the Korean War living in North Korea. These are Americans whom the Communists refused to release after the 1953 armistice, and the U.S. government has largely ignored the problem, abandoning and betraying them, and refusing to do anything to bring them home. There are also, according to a declassified intelligence report, American POW's captured in Southeast Asia and later shipped to North Korea, where they remain under guard.
    By the way, these are not turncoats. They were GI's whose government turned its back upon them. Those American captives were not repatriated when they should have been, and the U.S. government allowed the Communists to get away with not returning them.
    Will anyone do anything to end this hostage crisis that Washington refuses to acknowledge?
    I pray that Almighty God will mercifully act in behalf of those U.S. captives and effect their release and return to freedom. Only our Creator can or will do what our political careerists will not do or even discuss. The POW/MIAs' plight becomes all the more poignant and saddening at this season of the year.

    Al Everson, a disheartened American

  • Stephen Russell

    11/29/2017 07:11 PM

    Bomb DPRK Defense hqs, comm centers & bases alone, surgical strikes, cruise missile to Pyoyang palaces.
    Send in Teams to free prisoners & take to So Korea?? Confuse enemy forces.
    without Using Nukes or use a MOAB/

  • Vicki E Sensat

    11/29/2017 07:07 PM

    Best comment ever Mr. Glaude.

  • Frank Stewart

    11/29/2017 06:26 PM

    Shifting Gears and focusing back on the political dynamics in North Korea...I can see it all right now, clear as day. North Korea finally looses it's collective tiny mind completely and releases a fully charged ICBM that hits Japan...or the US killing innumerable innocents. Immediately Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and every other sniveling Democrat spokesperson, along with the liberal main stream media blames Donald Trump...because after all, North Korea never exploded a lethal missile while Barak Obama was in power. Trump is evil. Trump is to blame. Trump should be impeached as he could not protect us. Guaranteed response! The left isn't that stupid, just completely and totally blinded by political correctness. Or in plain language...temporarily insane.

  • Lionel Glaude

    11/28/2017 08:00 AM

    Do you see any North Korean tourists here in America, how about Russian, Cuban, their walls are meant to keep people in, prisoners of their own country. Chinese almost always shy away from American cameras, not wanting to answer any questions, why, fear of their own government. On and on. GOD bless america.