November 22, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Something to be thankful for, on Mother's Day -- Trump issues pardon -- Remembering David Cassidy-- Mugabe out -- Girl Scouts jump the shark -- Today's Huck's Hero -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Sociopathic North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un must have been inspired by the Taliban’s long list of forbidden activities and possessions (their brand of Islam truly puts the “ban” in “Taliban”), because he seems intent on topping theirs.

Even simple diversions such as getting together and singing, perhaps with a glass of that delicious North Korean beer if one can be found, have been outlawed. (At high levels of government, one may assume that the music plays on and the vintage champagne flows.) Essentially all forms of entertainment are forbidden now, in a country where you’d think they were especially needed to help citizens cope with the bleakness and struggle of everyday life. North Koreans must save their throats for singing Kim’s praises. And of course, they have to save their energy to be able to stand in the public square for hours on end and wave banners for all those military parades, cheering the rows upon rows of tiny bouncing soldiers and the missile-themed parade floats. Those interminable events, apparently the only Kim-sanctioned activities, must be really fun for all.


Mike Huckabee


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Trump issues pardon

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, President Trump “pardoned” Drumstick, the National Thanksgiving Turkey. The media are now frantically searching for any connections between Drumstick and Vladimir Putin.


Remembering David Cassidy

By Mike Huckabee

As doctors warned earlier this week, former “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy died Tuesday in Florida at 67, after suffering multiple organ failure following a three-year battle with dementia. His family released a statement that you can read at the link. Our prayers and sympathies are with them.

It’s been interesting to see the level of media coverage and the outpouring of grief and comments on social media concerning David Cassidy’s passing. While he had a long career of touring, TV roles and playing Broadway and Las Vegas, there’s no denying that the peak of his teen idol fame was over 40 years in the past. Yet fans who might not have thought much about him in decades are pouring out their hearts online about how deeply his death has affected them. There could be several reasons. For many women who were young girls in the early ‘70s, he was their first crush, and I’m sure you never forget that. And it’s always sobering when you hear that someone whose youthful image is frozen in your memory as if preserved in amber has died, especially when that person is suffering a disease such as dementia. It’s a stark, unwelcome reminder that time doesn’t slow down for any of us.

Then again, maybe many fans aren’t just mourning the death of David Cassidy, but the passing of that whole innocent era he represented, when squeaky-clean pop idols like Keith Partridge or Davy Jones crooned age-appropriate silly love songs about holding hands or sharing a first kiss. In recent years, music aimed at young teenagers – rap, hip-hop and pop stars from Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera to Miley Cyrus -- has been steadily pushing the envelope for violent and sexualized lyrics, skimpy costumes and “dance” moves taken straight from porn videos. “The Partridge Family” might seem corny and unbelievably wholesome now, but is there a parent of a teenager anywhere who doesn’t wish we could turn back the clock to that “corny” time before the music, TV and fashion industries started peddling sex, violence and profanity to our kids 24/7?


Mugabe out

By Mike Huckabee

After nearly four decades in power, and keeping his people terrorized and impoverished, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has finally been forced to retire by the military and the public. Under Mugabe, health care and agriculture were decimated and the average life expectancy fell from 62 to 36 years. The people not only lived in fear and oppression, they also had to endure a terrible economy wracked by hyperinflation that actually resulted in the government issuing 100 trillion dollar bills. Wonder how many of those it would have taken to buy a loaf of bread?

Mugabe is 93, and word is that he might be allowed to flee quietly, but the generals and the people are demanding that his wife Grace be prosecuted. Zimbabwe’s First Lady is widely hated for her autocratic ways and lavish spending that earned her the nickname “Gucci Grace.” In fact, she might have been what finally led to Mugabe’s ouster, when she allegedly made death threats against the Vice President to clear the way for herself to assume power. It turned out the people really didn’t want a big-spending, autocratic First Lady to become President. Although she’ll probably blame all this on the Russians.


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Girl Scouts jump the shark

By Mike Huckabee

The Girl Scouts are advising parents not to make their little girls give a relative a “big hug” at the family Thanksgiving dinner, because you might be instilling confusion in them about boundaries on physical touching and undermining their ability to withhold consent when faced with a sexual predator. Instead, they suggest finding ways to show affection without physical contact, such as giving grandma or Aunt Shirley a “high-five.”

First of all, if I could have kept some of my aunts from giving me a big hug and planting a lipstick print on my cheek as a kid, I would have done it. Trust me, it’s impossible.

Second, you know what other type of physical activity can be dangerous? Jumping the shark, which is what the Girl Scouts just did.


Today's Huck's Hero

Today’s Huck’s Hero once considered taking his own life. But he says he felt the Holy Spirit come into him and save his life. So now, he is willing to risk that life in the cause of distributing Children’s Bibles in his native Vietnam, where Christians face some of the heaviest government persecution on Earth. So far, he’s smuggled in more than 100,000. Read his amazing and inspiring story at the link.



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