February 15, 2017

After the forced resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn, it’s still not clear whether he even did anything wrong in his phone call to a Russian representative (it was already investigated and cleared). But there’s general agreement that he wasn’t forthcoming to his bosses about the content of the call, and that created a breach of trust that can’t be tolerated. So he’s gone, and the left is giddy that they’ve torpedoed one of Trump’s chosen advisers, and they’re jazzed to attack some more.

But now the story has taken a very different twist. The focus in Congress and some media outlets has shifted from Trump and Flynn to the question of just who leaked information about this phone call and why. It’s long been rumored that there are entrenched elements of the intelligence agencies and holdover Obama appointees who are dead-set against the kind of reforms Trump was elected to enact, and this could be the first sign that they are willing to do anything – including expose top secret information – if it cripples the Trump Administration. The suspects include those who helped broker the Iran nuclear deal and are desperate to preserve it, since Flynn was one of its chief critics.

Some alleged conservatives from the diehard NeverTrump movement are actually praising this possible turn of events. I honestly don’t understand how anyone who claims to believe in American values could condone government power being wielded by a cabal of unelected bureaucrats and shadowy intelligence operatives who would release classified information in an attempt to undermine a duly-elected President. This incident is more than just a setback for Trump’s national security reforms. It’s also a warning shot that if he really wants to drain the swamp in Washington, he might first need to get rid of the alligators in his own basement before they eat him alive first.

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