February 8, 2017

Two prominent House Democrats just made the type of slips-of-the-tongue/brain glitches that would be trumpeted by the left as evidence of disqualifying mental instability if they’d been made by Republicans. Maxine Waters berated President Trump for embracing Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Korea (?), while Nancy Pelosi declared that, try as she might for two whole weeks, she’s been able to find absolutely nothing on which she can cooperate with President Bush. I’ll cut Rep. Pelosi a little slack: when you’ve been there as long as she has, and you demonize every Republican in the exact same way, I’m sure the names start to get a little fuzzy after a while.

Personally, I'd suggest that they both take a nice, long vacation on the island of Guam, if I weren’t afraid that it might tip over if we send too many Americans there (that’s another handy “alternative fact” I learned by listening to a prominent House Democrat).


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