Update: Stephen Colbert and the FCC

May 19, 2017

When the FCC said it was looking into whether Stephen Colbert’s recent obscenity-laced anti-Trump diatribe masquerading as a monologue violated obscenity rules, the liberal media thundered that the Trump Administration was trying to censor its critics (boy, talk about a full time job!) But in fact, the FCC is required to look at any program if the agency receives public complaints of indecency about it. And they got a few complaints about Colbert. Actually, over 5700.

It’s unlikely that they will take action. But for future reference, if Colbert wants to avoid the FCC having to investigate his program for indecency, all he has to do is hire some writers who are capable of writing actual comedy rather than foul-mouthed leftist rants. Then again, if he did that, he’d probably drop back to third in the ratings.


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  • Charlotte Best

    05/28/2017 07:47 AM

    I'm a Catholic and I shiver every time Stephen Colbert says that he is also. He does not live his faith and his political rants, passing as comedy, are shameful. I will continue to pray for a change of heart for Colbert and other liberals who want to take down President Trump.

  • Happy Anderson

    05/21/2017 12:51 PM

    What I see happening here is that Steven Colbert is in bed with ALL of CBS (which is obviously controlled by the left wingers.) Any rotten thing that spews our of this idiot's mouth ends up on the morning news and the anchors have another hey day laughing at his vulgar remarks. This is what our morning news has come down to. The CBS anchor hosts encourage this sort of late night gutter language. They think it makes their ratings go up. They're all in for a rude awakening. Americans are not that dumb, really.

  • Susan Barkley

    05/20/2017 09:36 PM

    I did not see this particular rant but he has made no bones about not liking Trump. He has been cruel and mean spirited. He is not funny. There is nothing in his monologue that is giggle-worthy. Never watched him before he took over this late night. One nasty, un-Christian man.

  • Ruby Huff

    05/20/2017 08:40 AM

    Mike, I watched the clip of Colbert's rants and ravings. While I believe in free speech, this went way beyond what I think our fore fathers intended. At no other time has a sitting President been so hostilely ridiculed and abused by the media. I was deeply offended by the comments Colbert made, and tried to leave a complaint with the FCC. It was denied. Don't know why, I did everything right. They would not accept it. I felt my rights were violated. It don't watch TV at all. I get my news from other sources, as they have betrayed me. I even feel our local news, who are nothing more than spin-offs of national news stations are just as biased. Thank you for being a beacon in this dark time.

  • Amy Pritchett

    05/20/2017 07:35 AM

    I do believe that all of these leftist comedians, talk show hosts, "journalists," will be held accountable in the future. People are tired of the non stop insults and lies.