What The Sessions Hearing Was Really About

June 13, 2017

If anyone had any doubt of what Democrats hope to achieve by drawing out the “Russia” investigation, it should be crystal clear after Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The knives are out for the Head of State, just as obviously as they are in that bloody Central Park production of JULIUS CAESAR. They couldn’t defeat him at the ballot box, so this is their consolation prize: the chance to try to take him down in whatever way they can.

Though Sessions had little to add about timelines and meetings that wasn’t already known –- he repeatedly made the point that after having been recused, he no longer is briefed –- the Democrats on the committee weren’t interested in that so much as in his private conversations with President Trump. Sessions insisted that according to DOJ policy, such conversations are considered confidential, but the Democrats on the committee were having none of it. They pushed and cajoled with all their might to get him to say those two little words, “executive privilege.” Since the President himself is not under investigation for collusion with Russia, this effort obviously wasn’t about that investigation at all, but about finding some reason, however tenuous, to go after HIM. Just think of all the fun they could have, calling in official after official to testify under oath about their private conversations with the President! Why, it could go on for, oh, at least four interminable years.

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As Sessions reminded them during the hearing, some people have offices to run.

Jeff Sessions is a slow-talking Southern gentleman, and it made the blood boil to see The Inquisition attack him like a machine gun, interrupting his answers constantly. At one point, Sessions had to insist on qualifying an answer that was coming too slowly to satisfy the questioner, noting that if he didn’t qualify it, he’d later be accused of lying. We all know that is exactly what would happen.

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But Sessions was there to set his own record straight, and he stated that any suggestion he participated in or was aware of any collusion with the Russians was “an appalling and detestable lie.” And though he didn’t say it (I will), the obvious motives of certain questioners on the panel were just as appalling and detestable.


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  • Jannie Kock

    07/23/2017 11:07 AM

    I read that you do read the comments - Do you also answer them? I was wondering what effect a petition with 1000's of signatures from "We the People" would have against Mueller & his team & the Democrats, if we could get it done (which shouldn't be too hard). Would be interested in your reaction!

  • sheila swiderski

    06/24/2017 11:16 AM

    I just love you and your daughter. President Trump needs more people like you in his corner.
    I am with Kyle Courtney," The Russians didn't elect Donald Trump. I DID!
    I pray for the day that Hillary Clinton is brought to justice along with the corrupt Obama Administration.
    I love my President and all his fabulos accomplishments. I want him to just able to do the job that I ecected him to do.

  • Thomas D. Bennett

    06/23/2017 04:53 PM

    The "democrats" trying to interrogate Sessons in that "gotcha" fashion are actually speaking from the Marxist ideology and agenda that has been seeping into every facet of our society for more than 100 years now. It's all about irrevocably dividing us in all ways possible, as Rep. Steve King alluded to recently. It's all about agitation-propaganda aimed at destabilizing toward chaos, collapse and take-over -- the "long march" against all the institutions of American life and of western civilization. The earliest Marxists were constantly aimed at fomenting class-warfare while they denied the primacy of individual liberty, property ownership, marriage, family importance in raising children, freedom of speech, faith and the right to live by one's conscience. The national-level policy holders and office holders who still call themselves "Democrats" while hiding behind "liberal" and progressive" labels have been lying to us and to themselves ever since the first Communist Party USA chapter was chartered in Chicago in 1919. Their policies and philosophy for governing self-evidently label them as enemies of liberty and of the Declaration and the Constitution!

  • Sam Sparks

    06/20/2017 07:14 PM

    We put up with Barrack Obama and the liberal left for eight long agonizing years now it's time for the liberal left and the MSM to sit down and shut up, they lost, they don't understand they are the minority, the silent majority and the "deplorables" are the majority.

  • Clara Todd

    06/20/2017 08:11 AM

    Thank you for keeping us (the public) informed. I can see that certain Democrats are trying hard to derail President Trump. It is very unsettling for me to see this day after day on the news. I just have to shut the TV off at times to gain back my peace of mind. I feel that President Trump and his team are working hard and accomplishing much for the American People and for those being persecuted overseas. Tell him never to give up; and that I am praying for his safety and peace of mind as he tries hard to unify our Country.