July 7, 2017

The saga of Charlie Gard is not over yet. British National Health Service doctors and a European Court ruled that the 10-month-old baby had an irreversible terminal illness and his life support should be cut off, despite the fact that his parents want to bring him to the US for an experimental treatment and had raised the money to do so. They even refused to let his parents take him home to die, in what appeared to be nothing but a cruel demonstration of the ultimate power of European Union and government health service bureaucrats over parental rights.

But the story was so wrong, so unjust and so infuriating that it has gone around the world and is sparking a rising tide of outrage and support for the parents. The Pope offered to bring little Charlie to a hospital in Rome, and President Trump tweeted that he would offer the child support in any way he could, which has renewed hope for the parents. Even Cher has chimed in, tweeting that institutions have no right to flip the switch on a beloved baby, and if he can be saved, then “send him 2 us.” You know it’s a widespread movement when Cher and President Trump are on the same side! Pro-life leaders also gathered in Washington yesterday to voice their support for Charlie Gard.

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Let’s hope this is a “Je Suis Charlie” movement that results in more than mere lip service. It’s not just a much-needed reminder that every baby’s life is precious, but also that the state must never be allowed to take decisions about saving a child’s life away from its parents. Despite what too many people think – including far too many in government -- the government is not our parent.


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  • Linda Cagle

    07/26/2017 12:36 PM

    I can't tell you just how upset I have been over the story of baby Charlie Gard. I think the British Government should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I will never understand why they would not allow those parents to do everything they could to try and save their child's life. I don't know how those people look at themselves in the mirror. And now that they won't let the Gard's take Charlie out of the country, they won't even let the couple take little Charlie home to die. It makes me wonder if these people even have a heart. My heart goes out to these parents who have fought so hard for this precious little child. May God Bless them as they spend their final days with their precious little Charlie.

  • Nancy Russell

    07/13/2017 08:46 AM


  • Linda Radosevich

    07/12/2017 10:18 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for your clear and positive commentaries. If I were to leave a comment for everything I agreed with, you'd have an inbox full of just mine! You are right on, and I thank God for spokespeople like you.

  • Cleo Courington

    07/12/2017 02:21 PM

    The reason for not permitting patients like Charlie from seeking help out side "the scheme"is to protect the scheme itself, not the patient.

    If patients ever thought they could seek better care elsewhere, too many of those with problems that are too expensive for "the scheme" to pay for or that were simply not included in "the scheme" would desert it and it would implode, trashing the statists' utopian fantasy.

    There was one way to allow a little pressure to be blown off--the "Harley (sp?) St. Boys" as they were called in the fifties when I lived there. This was a limited number of physicians allowed to have private practices, but they had to charge a lot so that forced many to depend on "the scheme."

    Never for one minute think that "the scheme" was instituted to help people.

  • Mary Cottini

    07/09/2017 10:41 AM

    I love the way you analyze and state the facts. I always trust your viewpoint - as well as respecting your intelligence. (Maybe it is because we think alike!) I am 76 and have experienced a bit if life. I am pleased that we have a strong President. I also have always believed you would have been a great choice as President, but we serve at God's pleasure in our "own corner" of the universe.

  • Carole Mills

    07/09/2017 08:12 AM

    His parents should have the right to decide how to proceed with his medical care and where he can go to receive that care.

  • Judy Plowman

    07/08/2017 10:35 PM

    No government anywhere has the right to tell a parent their child is not worth every chance at life. This is the tyranny of government run amuk...this is insanity....

  • Mel Logue

    07/08/2017 06:29 PM

    Every life is important! Especially when it's a life that has barely started! #savecharlie

  • H. L. Miller

    07/08/2017 05:01 PM

    Is this the result of social medicine? Why would we want a single payer system.

  • Sheila Anthony

    07/08/2017 01:48 PM

    This is so wrong. How can they tell the parents he's not worth saving. This makes no sense - if the parents have the funds or not, help them get here.

  • Terry rerich

    07/08/2017 01:12 PM

    Years ago we had a situation that was to be a short month visit to a facility for mental health issues! That lasted 3 1/2 months because of personal family issues that were coming to light! THIS FACILITY HAD ALL CONTROL AND WE WERE HELPLESSLY AT THEIR MERCY! Scary? Frustrating? Feeling total loss of control of yourself and those involved? Yes! Be careful with admitting or committing to facility rules! READ ALL THE PAPERS AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Don't sign anything until you have full understanding of their guidelines!

  • Renee Nunamaker

    07/08/2017 01:07 PM

    That is socialism medicine that's what the left wants here so they can decide who lives and dies