July 13, 2017

Chelsea Clinton is being sued for $150,000 for allegedly plagiarizing her latest children’s book, “She Persisted.” It’s a feminist-oriented book about women in history who overcame sexist oppression, and ironically, she’s accused of ripping it off from a male author, Albany-based Christopher Janes Kimberley. Kimberley claims he put months of painstaking research into a book he pitched to Penguin Publishing, and was shocked when just a few months later, they brought out Clinton’s book, which uses the same idea and some of the exact same quotes, except it reads like a ninth-grade homework assignment thrown together in...uh...a few months.

To be fair, plagiarism is tough to prove. Authors sometimes legitimately come up with the same idea. He’ll have to convince a jury that Chelsea Clinton unfairly benefited by having something lucrative handed to her on a silver platter by a large organization just because her last name was Clinton.

On second thought, Penguin might want to consider settling


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  • Woody Savage

    07/28/2017 07:27 PM

    The voters will remember these "turncoat republicans" and democrats at election time!!! If Congress had to pay for their Healthcare Insurance like most Americans with fewer or no companies offering policies, higher rates, higher deductibles and poorer benefits ... they would think and act differently.

    As Ben Stein said today...the government is now requiring ALL citizens to prove they have insurance BUT many folks who refuse to or are unable to prove that they are citizens will get FREE insurance PAID FOR by those of us who ARE forced to buy insurance BECAUSE we are citizens!!!