July 24, 2017

The Democrats are casting about for a marketing slogan to help convince voters in 2018 that this time, they won’t go hog wild taxing, spending and regulating. So far, what they’ve come up with is “A better deal,” which frankly just reminds me of why we elected Trump: because he promised to make better deals than the sucker traps the Democrats gave us, from the Iran nuclear deal to the Trans Pacific Partnership deal.

Stewart Varney of Fox Business News compared the effectiveness of each side’s approach to growing the economy. He found that while the media were fixated on the evidence-free Russian collusion excuse for Hillary’s loss, Trump’s deregulation, renegotiation and American boosterism have been accompanied by repeated new Dow records that have added $4.1 trillion in new wealth to Americans’ 401Ks. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ plan to boost the economy is the same as ever: more regulations on business, more redistribution of wealth, and raising the minimum wage to $15, which is already killing businesses, wiping out jobs and reducing work hours in cities where it’s being tried, .

Check out the story and note which party now seems to be the party of “hope” and which is the party of “hate.”


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