July 26, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Drama in the Senate  -- Hillary Clinton is writing a book-- News you might not have heard -- Jeff Sessions is probably not getting a bonus -- Mattis speaks his mind...again.  -- News Bits (NEW)

SURVEY RESULTS:  The results are in from our survey yesterday regarding Bill O'Reilly's prediction that if President Trump doesn't pass tax reform, he would be a one term President.

The results:

45% Agree with Bill O'Reilly

55% Disagree with Bill O'Reilly

If you participated, thank you!  Over 15,000 votes were cast.


Yesterday in the Senate, we got a bit of history and a bit of theater. The history came when Mike Pence got a rare chance to exercise one of the few unique powers of the Vice Presidency and cast the tie-breaking vote on a measure to proceed with debate on repealing and replacing Obamacare (it had tied 50-50, with all 48 Democrats saying nay – something they’ve had a lot of practice at - and all but two Republicans voting yea.)

The theater came from the other side of the aisle, when the vote to allow continued debate on a health care bill sparked loud chants from protesters in the chamber of “Shame!” and “Kill the bill, don’t kill us!” Order had to be restored. They have obviously absorbed well the message of the Democratic leadership that even agreeing to continue talking about the problem will make people die. Got that? “Debate kills!” That must have been why they passed Obamacare on a party line vote without allowing any debate on it in the first place.


Mike Huckabee



Hillary Clinton is writing a book

By Mike Huckabee

Hillary Clinton is writing another memoir that will cover her failed presidential run, and according to unnamed sources familiar with it, she will blame everyone for her loss: James Comey, Russian interference, everyone. Well…probably not ONE person…

One longtime Hillary ally predicted to The Hill that the book will be a “bombshell.” I predict it will be the first half of that.


News you might not have heard

By Mike Huckabee

News you might not have heard about amid the 24/7 “Russia, Russia, Russia” coverage: someone with close ties to the DNC was arrested by the FBI Monday night while trying to flee the country, in an investigation involving a foreign nation, unsecure government email servers and millions of dollars in alleged fraud. I know what you’re thinking, but no, this doesn’t involve the Clintons. Details at the link.



Jeff Sessions is probably not getting a bonus

By Mike Huckabee

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions were up for a performance review from his boss, he would probably not be counting on getting a bonus. President Trump continued Tuesday to publicly express his disappointment with the way Sessions is handling investigations of alleged political scandals from the 2016 campaign. But despite his years of practice, Trump still didn’t pull the trigger and say, “You’re fired.” He’s hamstrung by the fact that if Sessions left, while he waited for any replacement to swim through the ocean of molasses that is the current Senate confirmation process for his appointees, replacements would be drawn from the DOJ's organizational chart of Obama appointees, who would love to be even more partisan and aggressive. That’s the trouble with draining the swamp: you see the alligators on the surface, but you forget how many snakes and bottom feeders are below them.



Mattis speaks his mind...again.

By Mike Huckabee

Defense Secretary James Mattis will probably be accused of heresy by the left for his latest statement. He wants the military to stop wasting recruits’ time with hours of training on useless subjects when they aren’t getting enough training on things they need to know to do their jobs and survive. Mattis wrote that he wants military policies “to support and enhance war-fighting readiness and force lethality.”

One unnamed military officer interpreted that to mean that recruits are forced to spend too much time on things like sexual harassment seminars and not enough time at the shooting range. Although some might argue that letting female recruits spend more time at the shooting range might be more effective than seminars in reducing sexual harassment.


News Bits

I know this sounds like the opening to an Onion news parody, but no: Controversy has erupted over the President’s speech to the Boy Scouts. Granted, Trump did go off-script and talk about some political issues that many thought weren’t appropriate to the audience. The Boy Scouts issued a statement distancing themselves and saying it wasn’t appropriate for a non-partisan youth group.



Yet another controversy has popped up at the VA, only this time, it’s not about the administrators. It involves what many think is a promising therapy for traumatic brain injury and PTSD, and the suicide of a vet who lost hope after his VA doctor told him it was just a useless waste of money. Full, infuriating story at the link.



Mark Twain’s line that he attributed to Disraeli, about there being three kinds of lies (“lies, damned lies and statistics”), is even truer today than it was in his time, particularly when dealing with statistics involving Planned Parenthood.



Modern convenience or the Mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelations coming to pass? You make the call.


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  • Liz Wilson

    07/26/2017 03:55 PM

    Jeff Sessions does not deserve the treatment he is getting. If Trump fires him, there will be a lot of people that will not vote for Trump again. Sessions stood by Trump and worked to get him elected. I wish Sessions would unrecuse him self, but I doubt that he would do that.

  • Gary Fitzner

    07/26/2017 12:17 PM

    It seems to me that the left has already framed the debate on Obamacare. It should be pointed out that this is ONLY an opportunity to buy health insurance. Not having health insurance has never killed anyone. We talk too much about it being a healthcare bill. It isn't. It is a health insurance bill. And there is way too much money in it for health insurance companies!