July 1, 2017

Twitter has a stated policy of excluding hateful and/or insensitive content, but see if you think this qualifies:

An ultrasound photo of a baby in the womb is shown with the caption, “I Am Not A Potential Human...I Am A Human With Potential.”

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Pretty great, right? A loving, supportive statement about the potential in all of us that is there before we are born. To Twitter, though, pro-life messages are viewed as hateful and unacceptable and must be deleted. The pro-life group Live Action was even told it had to overhaul its own website before being allowed to advertise there.

Twitter reserves the right to censor content “which is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction or cause harm.” But this particular example of censorship seems oddly inconsistent --- we see content that evokes a negative reaction on Twitter all the time, but it apparently isn’t considered as hateful as a straightforward fact-check of Planned Parenthood’s claims or the ultrasound of a baby. Besides, pro-life messages aren’t intended to “cause harm.”

They’re intended to help prevent harm.


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