August 22, 2017

Update on last week’s terrorist attacks in Spain that left 13 people dead and at least 100 more injured: Monday, police caught up with 22-year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub, the Moroccan national suspected of driving the van that plowed into a crowd in Barcelona. They found him in the town of Subirats. He was wearing an explosives belt when police shot and killed him.

We also learned that the attack could have been even worse: Abouyaaqoub was allegedly part of a 12-member terrorist cell that was planning a series of vehicle attacks with 100 gas canisters. That plan went awry when the house containing the canisters exploded, killing two of the terrorists, including an imam of a local mosque who is suspected of radicalizing the other, younger plotters.

Full details are here. As to how a house could literally fall in on two of the terrorist plotters and 10 others still manage to evade exposure and continue on their deadly way, I’ll leave that to Spanish authorities to explain to their citizens. More details at the link.


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