Is the Russia story a hoax?

August 11, 2017

Why is Robert Mueller’s investigation reportedly expanding into Trump’s old private business dealings from 10 years ago? Could it be because even he realizes that the “Russia hacked the election” narrative that this whole house of cards is built on is looking more like a hoax with each passing day?

You probably didn’t see anything about this in the news, but the Nation – a widely respected, leftwing magazine – just published the results of a forensic investigation into the metadata of the DNC emails published by Wikileaks. It reached two conclusions:

The time stamps prove it was impossible for those files to have been stolen over the Internet because no ISP could have transferred that much data that fast. It had to have been copied directly onto a storage device like a USB stick, which suggests it was an insider leak. And the proof cited by US intelligence agencies of Russian involvement was fraudulent, based on cutting and pasting data into a blank Russian language template.

A reminder: Julian Assange still insists that WikiLeaks didn’t get the files from Russia, and the US intelligence agencies that say this was a Russian hacking were never allowed to examine the DNC’s computers (the DNC having been run by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who seems to freak out at the thought of any legal authorities getting anywhere near her laptop.)

I’m sure this will be dismissed as conspiracy stuff, and maybe it is. But why would the Nation want to join the vast rightwing conspiracy, especially knowing that if the DNC/Wikileaks documents were shown to be an insider leak, it would blow away the “Trump/Russia collusion” mantra that’s been obsessing the media and hampering Trump since Inauguration Day?

Here’s the full story. It’s very long and very detailed. I’m not an IT expert, so I’ll make no statement on its conclusions. But if you are an expert, feel free to weigh in among the comments.


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  • Amy D Earls

    08/14/2017 12:16 AM


  • Richard Bradley

    08/13/2017 08:10 PM

    Mr. Huckabee.
    Thank you for 'Is the Russia story a hoax'.

  • Sam Flanagan

    08/13/2017 07:51 PM

    I was pretty convinced the emails were "eavesdropped" as near as possible to DNC. Why? Cuz just like a telephone call a connection was established over someone's telecom lines(if they were stolen online). It leaves a footprint. An added footnote, presumably the DNC email server is connected to a Tier 1(or 2) gateway. That's an easy trace if it happened online. There's only one way out on the 1st leg of the uplink(out of DNC HQ). However, my money is on the Russian embassy that got tossed by Obama for alleged spying activities.

    Now I recognized these facts very early on. Thanks in part to some pertinent computer training years ago but largely due to the wealth of knowledge available via open sources(plus several key books re: the Internet). This whole Russian hoax thing has been driving me bonkers from Day 1.

  • Diana Newma

    08/13/2017 12:12 PM

    There was no collusion it's only the Democrats flexing there muscles! You should be more concerned about a 5 year old girl being gag rapped by Syrian Refugees in Idaho! This was only happening in Europe but it's starting in America!

  • Russell Suzanne

    08/13/2017 11:05 AM

    Thanks for posting this. It sure helps to know!