August 21, 2017

Trump strategist Steve Bannon has stepped down, and there’s a media frenzy over it the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Pope Benedict XVI stepped down. But then, there’s a media frenzy over everything related to Trump, whether it’s what he said or didn’t say or shouldn’t have said or should’ve said but didn’t say fast enough. Not since the GOP debates where there were 17 candidates have there been so many people on CNN at once who all thought they should be President.

Bannon has been slammed by the media since day one for allegedly pushing for Trump to appeal to white supremacists. If true, that would be scurrilous and cause for his dismissal. Problem is, the anti-Trump left has so overplayed the “everyone I disagree with is Hitler” card that the public has grown weary and skeptical of the charge. Trump’s opposition is now so strident and deranged that according to them, thinking that mobs shouldn’t tear down and spit on Confederate monuments means you want to bring back slavery. You think I’m overstating the derangement? Someone in New Orleans vandalized a statue of Joan of Arc by spray-painting “Take it down” on it. You’d think they’d give her at least a few feminist points for being the first female Confederate general: “Joan of Arkansas.”


So as to whether Bannon really harbors the ugly racist feelings he’s accused of or has been slandered for political purposes is currently a hot debate. What’s not debatable is that for all the current media foaming over the so-called “rise” of the white supremacist alt-right, as Rush Lmbaugh pointed out, there aren’t enough of those idiots to elect a dog catcher, much less a President, and Trump didn’t win by appealing to racism. He won by promising to champion millions of middle class and blue collar workers who were being ignored, insulted, abused, looked down on, put out of work and taxed and regulated to death by arrogant DC, media and Wall Street elites.

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Bannon’s exit is being celebrated by the left as a big win: they finally got his head by rekindling the Civil War. In fact, he handed in his resignation on August 7, and the current media frenzy actually caused his departure to be postponed. Oops! Either way, the root cause of his exit can more likely be found in the interview he gave to the Weekly Standard in which he said this:

“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over...We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

He went on to add that most Republicans in Washington have no interest in real reform; they made a half-hearted stab at repealing Obamacare, won’t support infrastructure rebuilding and will come up with a standard Republican tax plan. He’s probably not wrong about most of that, and notice that he never brought up race once, even though the media would have you think that’s the only bar of Lifebuoy in his soapbox.

But it’s easy to imagine that the underlying whiff of arrogance – that “with my departure, everything Trump claimed to champion will wither and die” – had to seriously rankle this POTUS. The standard template for the media is to paint every Republican President as an incompetent doofus whose strings are pulled by some evil puppet master (think Bush and Dick Cheney or Ronald and Nancy Reagan). The fact is, advisers and strategists come and go; some have a big influence and some only think they do, but they don’t run the show. Trump couldn’t have given riveting hour-long speeches to stadium crowds off the top of his head if he were a ventriloquist’s dummy. It must’ve been annoying to him to hear the media try the standard line on him, but intolerable for his own staffer seemingly to endorse it. Trump even hinted at that when he called Bannon a “good man,” not a racist, but pointed out that he won the primaries without Bannon’s involvement.


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It is infuriating to see the entrenched DC elites of both parties working so hard to stage their silent coup, block what the people voted for, and protect their overstuffed bipartisan trough. But maybe with Bannon back in the media, where he can be unconstrained in promoting his issues through Breitbart and fighting back against attacks, Trump can refocus his staff on people who know how to get things done in DC. Winning a political campaign and running a government are two very different tasks. Sometimes, it takes someone like Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion (“The Swamp Fox”) who knows how to dodge the alligators and get things done.

Meantime, if Trump really wants to make the media self-implode, might I suggest that he replace Bannon with two of his most famous, eloquent and no-nonsense supporters: Diamond and Silk.



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  • William Booher

    08/22/2017 11:42 PM

    You are quite right Mr. Huckabee, someone else will rise to the occasion. Perhaps better than what was in place. However, God is in control and I'm sure that this was God's hand on events that are taking place in our capitol. The left-wing has no idea what's going on. Their confusion is quite obvious by their reaction. Can't wait until 2018, you ain't seen nothing yet.

  • Barbara Moore

    08/22/2017 04:23 PM

    I am disappointed that Bannon is no longer in the WH. Afraid we don't have many left who sound our concerns in the President's ear. With his departure Afghanistan sucked up more blood and treasure.

  • Rebecca Silva

    08/22/2017 12:42 PM

    You and your daughter are wonderful. The self-serving elite puppets are foolish not supporting our president and undermining him. He won, even with all of the cheating on the other side, for a reason. The word racist is being delegitimized with it casual over-usage. People are tired of it. I personally look forward to seeing what Bannon will do now. And no one should EVER forget the Trump rule- never underestimate Donald J. Trump.

  • Sheron Evans

    08/22/2017 08:32 AM

    I love the idea! Diamond and Silk it is !! I didn't know what to think when Kelly replaced Bannon but as more info has been made available, I felt better about it. And my remaining concern about Kelly was also put to rest after hearing Newt Gingrich talked about him. My only other concern is what Bannon said.............Pres. Trump have too many globalists around him, but like one of my favorite ministers has said more than matter what the problem is or how bad it is...........have faith in God.

  • Kim Parrish

    08/22/2017 02:13 AM

    He needed to do it. Diamond Silk are adorable.

    Love ya, Huck. God bless you and your family.

  • Charles Alan Rotramel

    08/21/2017 11:24 PM

    I think this is a wise move - Bannon going out of the WH I mean. Now he can go after the MSM with little concern of collateral damage to the President or the Republican party. He can attack the swamp with impunity.

  • Don Nelson

    08/21/2017 11:17 PM


    I am diving under the waves of the noise and remembering why we elected Trump in the first place. The rise of socialism, Marxism, and communism through our school system is IMHO our problem and not an easy one to dismiss or destroy. Its up to the people to recognize what is happening since we only have one vote and more registered voters than voters. We see the problems and are disgusted with our lawmakers. We need new strong leaders and history shows that must be the solution.

  • Mack D Burke

    08/21/2017 10:17 PM

    Bannon needs to stick with an inclusive economic nationalism message and second, do what William F Buckley did and "separate the right from the kooks."

  • bob gallagher

    08/21/2017 10:06 PM

    i wasn't expecting the ending, and surprisingly (after i had a good chuckle) that's idea would put a few of the scourges in the MSM on their butts real good ... :)

    my first impression, when Bannon said, "It's over." was actually 'it's just beginning' with him chuckling inside ... we, American patriots, see the obvious ... you'd have to be in kindergarten not to see what the 'elitists' are doing and controlling, but we're stumped on how to help other than voting them and their pawns out next election (and be confident we know which ones) ... however, in the meantime what do we do? I have a thought ... perhaps you, newt, rudy, ditka, eastwood, knight, and a team you guys assemble to combat the attack against our President ... unite, Mike, we're here to join your team on call.
    hope that make sense ... took liberty with the grammar :)

  • David Cackler

    08/21/2017 09:46 PM

    I don't think for an instance that President Trump could or ever will do anything to please the "Lame Stream Media". I recently saw a meme that fits the "Lame Stream Media" quite well. Granny Clampett, If common sense were lard, the Media could not grease a pan.

  • Suzanne Faslo

    08/21/2017 08:35 PM

    You are so right Governor. We must do everything we can to stop this destruction of our democracy by both sides. I pray to a God every day for our President and his family. We need all the help we can get. Thank God for Diamond and Silk. They're the best and so are you

  • Melody Lake

    08/21/2017 08:29 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    We put Donald Trump in the White House for the very things he stands for; what we stand for. I am appalled & a little frightened that neither party is willing accept what the people want. The way I see it, they could care less about us.

  • Elaine Wycoff

    08/21/2017 08:25 PM

    I enjoy your commentaries very much. I have lived through a lot of different presidents and there has always been bickering but never have I seen the news media on the attack like this and it seems that the members of congress and senate are afraid of loosing their individual power and will not give Trump a chance. I think they are actually afraid of him because he does not want Washington as usual. They are so set in their ways of doing things that they are afraid of change. I hope he will soon get his people in the White House who will work with him.
    He not only has to clean out the lifers in congress but the rats from the White House too. What a job, but I think he is up to it. I keep him in my prayers.

  • Creola V Loyd

    08/21/2017 08:23 PM

    Thanks for the excellent summary of arrival and departure of Mr. Bannon. Made me think of friends. Will not quote properly, many friends come into your life. Some stay a lifetime, some just a short time, each is important in their time

  • Rachel Schindler

    08/21/2017 08:17 PM

    I'm hoping for the best for the Trump campaign. I liked the fact that Bannon was not a globalist and am concerned that the globalist and special interest groups will have an easier time now since our voice is out of the White House. God help our Country.

  • M A. Wynn

    08/21/2017 08:05 PM

    The President has never had support from GOP. Frankly I, along with many others , am discouraged and probably won't vote in next election. Throwing our vote..Probably but voting doesn't get their attention.
    I don't like Pres. Trump but at least he has tried to do what he said. I do not believe he is a racist.
    We are under attack from socialist, not racist. Maybe worse. I believe Soros is one of our bigger threats.

  • Barbara Peacock

    08/21/2017 08:04 PM

    I love Diamond & Silk!
    I am so tired of the fake news & all the attention the domestic terrorists are getting. I am tired of watching the liberals in office/ mayors, etc. giving in to these terrorist. I am tired of ALL the RINOS! They need to go. I am tired of the demorats saying they are going to impeach our president. I am tired of no one getting the justice they deserve for all the laws they broke, damage done to our country & the murders of those who did try to bring justice to light. I am tired of the Russian "witch hunt" & tired that a REAL investigation into the Clinton's ties to Russia has not happened. I am tired of the media talking down to us deplorables, saying we are uneducated & not intelligent enough to know right from wrong. ( Me & my husband hold several degrees,etc). I am tired of ALL the negative lies being said about our dear President. I am tired of not having a REAL news station to listen to. Fox is no different than the other "drive-by" fake, negative news media.
    I am tired & so over the demorats/liberal obstruction bs.
    Not sure what to make of Bannon's departure. My biggest concern is President Trump having people around him that he can trust!

  • Betsy Stevens

    08/21/2017 07:57 PM

    (=^_^=) Always up for a positive note.

  • Nancy Macbeth

    08/21/2017 07:54 PM

    I, too, am weary of all the bashing, undermining, you name it thrown out daily by the media against our President. But my continuing belief is there are many Americans like myself who support him and pray for him.

  • Barbara Hubbard

    08/21/2017 07:51 PM

    I would love to see you on his staff!! You are awesome!!!

  • Mark Leao

    08/21/2017 07:46 PM

    This is not about your article but I wanted to say that I think tearing down all these statues is insane. That is American History. Most people want them left alone. Why cater to the whims of a small group of individuals for which this is another fad of sorts? This should be voted on by the American people. P.s - Pelosi is a joke!

  • Barbara Hubbard

    08/21/2017 07:45 PM

    I would love to see you on his staff!! You are awesome!!!

  • Gregg Turk

    08/21/2017 07:35 PM

    i'm hoping Bannon starts a new TV network. i'm done with fox news after being a very loyal watcher. used to be on 24x7 now not ever on. the sons are killing it.

  • An

    08/21/2017 12:58 PM

    I read many, many of the comments on multiple conservative websites, and also on a few sites that are bill themselves as fair and balanced.
    Much like America itself, the comments were varied, but there did seem to be a prevailing consensus on the Bannon leaving the WH issue.(trolls excluded)
    It seemed that many citizens' main concern was not in Bannon and his exact political/philosophical stance leaving, but rather, they seemed to see Bannon as the last of the White House White Hats gang who made up the original conservative nucleus of the Trump campaign.
    Many pointed to his influence in Trump's win, and on his influence on Trump's platform and policies. They see that now all the original conservatives surrounding Trump are gone, (with the exception of Kellyanne Conway, who seems relegated to a much less visible position with much less influence in the administration.)
    Most commentators did not think Bannon should be placed under General Kelly's authority. Most did not agree with Bannon influence being junior to McMaster's influence (with whom many, many conservative commentators find no common political ground whatsoever).
    Some thought, optimistically according to others, that Bannon would have more influence from the outside of the Beltway. Almost all agreed that only time would tell on that.
    Overall, Trump supporters didn't so much interpret this move as 'Bannon the Man' being ousted, but rather saw it as 'Bannon, Last Representative of the Movement' being shown the door. Remember, this was the movement that elected Trump and upon its principles he campaigned.
    This hit the heart. Many, many conservatives saw Trump's election as the last grasp at preserving or even regaining the Constitutional and founding principles of this country
    With Bannon's exit, they now perceive that their cause is lost in favor of the same old - same old remake of America crowd, in progress under the direction of the established globalists.
    This is the real issue regarding Bannon's departure, as expressed by multiplied comments on established Conservative websites.