August 11, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  The pay gap -- Bridges to nowhere -- Scaramucci still expressing himself -- One more word about Glen Campbell -- A plea deal for Hillary Clinton  -- News Bits 


There’s a new study out of the widely-repeated claim that there is a sexist “pay gap” in which women make only 73 cents for every dollar a man makes. The latest iteration of it has women up to 80 cents, but it’s still presented as ironclad proof of sexism and the need for an “equal pay” law, even though we already have federal laws barring unequal pay for the same work. But that phrase “the same work” is where the claim falls apart, according to experts from several economic think tanks. They say the “80/100” ratio is based on an average of all jobs held by men and women, not comparing men and women with equal skills, experience, education and seniority in the same job. When all those things are taken into account, the pay gap virtually disappears. 

In order to achieve perfect pay parity, you’d need a massive, all-powerful government telling men and women which jobs they’re allowed to hold, forcing more women to take dangerous but higher-paying jobs that men are now more likely to take, and ordering women to go to the office every day instead of taking time off to have children. That doesn’t sound like something that women or men would like, but it sure sounds like something that “progressive” leftists dream about.


Mike Huckabee



Bridges to nowhere

By Mike Huckabee

When Bill Clinton was President, running for his second term, he liked to say that he would build us “a bridge to the 21st Century.” Nobody knew what that meant. But now that we’re well into the 21st Century, we can see that when government tries to build or maintain a literal bridge, it typically ends up behind schedule and over-budget, or else closed.


Scaramucci still expressing himself

By Mike Huckabee

Since his firing after 10 days from his job as White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci has spent his time quietly reflecting on his role in what went wrong and how he could have been more professional and effective in his job. Oh, wait, he hasn’t.



One more word about Glen Campbell

By Mike Huckabee

With all the richly-deserved praise given to Glen Campbell in the wake of his passing, perhaps more should be said about the transformative power of his Christian faith, which continued even in his fight against Alzheimer’s. It was after years of alcohol and drug abuse that he accepted Christ and went on to experience much sweeter times and a rebound of his career success. Even after his amazing string of hit songs, he was getting joy from singing...hymns.




A plea deal for Hillary Clinton 

By Mike Huckabee

Newsmax is quoting an unnamed Clinton attorney as saying that the Trump Justice Department has reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecure email server, and over the past month, a plea deal has been under construction. Under the terms of it, Hillary would be required to sign a document admitting that she committed a prosecutable crime. In return, the DOJ would not bring charges, not proceed with an investigation of her alleged pay-to-play deals involving the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State, and she would not have to suffer the consequences for any of her criminal behavior. So basically, the same deal the Obama DOJ gave her, only without the admission of guilt.

If you listen closely, you can hear felons all over America shouting, “How come I never got offered THAT plea deal?!”


News Bits

Those worried about Sharia law in America should know that some courts think it already applies in New Jersey.



Hilarious Photo Dept. The happiest day of the year for parents: the first day of school.



As a father, it’s always infuriating to hear partisan know-nothings make nasty, baseless attacks against your child, particularly on a subject such as her personal religious faith that they obviously have no knowledge about. Fortunately, I know that my daughter Sarah not only has the strength of character to shrug off the gnats, she’s also known from an early age (and her dad’s example) that if you go into politics, you’d better develop a hide like a rhinoceros. This story has some more details on why I think she’s perfect for her current job.



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  • Sara Alsup

    08/13/2017 09:38 PM

    NO PLEA DEAL for Hillary. The LADY of JUSTICE is not blind! Too much lying, deflecting the blame to the parents and families of the people who died in Bengasi. Selling American is despicable and open for treason. And, do I need to go on and on?!!

  • Laurie Giesler

    08/12/2017 03:36 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Please tell everyone that We the People will not accept a plea deal for all of the crimes which Hillary Clinton should be charged! We demand justice!!! Please tell them!

  • sharon ruetz

    08/11/2017 02:14 PM

    Sarah is wonderful. We are praying for her, her dad, and her boss.

  • Melody-Rose Parker

    08/11/2017 12:07 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, you have the ear of people in Washington. If indeed the DOJ is offering Mrs. Clinton a plea deal where there are unequal consequences for the numerous felonies she's designed and participated in, then there is NO EQUAL JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY. We have a young sailor in jail now for taking a photo of his work station and sending it to his family. With blood money on her hands, I can't see how Mrs. Clinton escapes the fruit of her behavior by not doing jail time and being fined for betraying America. Please let the DOJ know that this is not okay with the American people.

  • Kathy Todd

    08/11/2017 08:55 AM

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders is amazing. She is doing an incredible job in a truly tough environment. She is an inspiration. Her faith and her strength of character make her a perfect role model for women of all ages. God bless her.