January 24, 2018

That survey showing today’s teenagers are drifting away from religious beliefs and swallowing gender identity politics is no surprise, if you look at the way public schools are promoting those attitudes in the name of “tolerance,” and ironically, trying to censor and stamp out any opposing views, also in the name of “tolerance.”

Tomorrow, one of the most influential school districts in the US – Fairfax County, Virginia, near Washington, DC – will vote on a measure to alter procedures at school board meetings. Having already fully embraced the LBGTQ agenda (replacing biological sex with “gender identity,” letting any student use any bathroom or locker room he/she/ze wants, etc.), the board now wants to ban parents who are upset about any negative results of their Cloud Cuckooland policies from expressing them at public meetings. It’s the officials’ version of sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, “La-la-la! I can’t HEAR you!”

Parents may be left with only one option, which is to make these anthill-level dictators hear them at the polls by throwing them out. It’s not easy to get voters riled up over school board elections, but today is bringing us some sobering lessons about what happens to our kids when we don’t start policing our leaders at the ground floor.


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  • AG

    02/19/2018 09:47 PM

    Every parent that does not agree with this and yet the school does not allow them to have a voice should sue the school board and schools for a violation of free speech and school taxation without representation. If that does not work, sell your that house in that school district so that you are not paying into that school tax base. This is why the voucher system is important, give your school tax money to a school system that allows your input.

  • Brenda Turner

    01/24/2018 10:33 PM

    I watched this happen in Canada. The school board members would laugh in the faces of the parents over the islam indoctrination. CAIR was paying the school boards to make sure the agenda was carried through. They wouldn't let them talk and if the did they had them arrested. Parents were ripping qurans up in the stands chanting and absolutely no response. I was reminded of this when the LA teacher was thrown out when the superintendent got a 30,000 a year raise. She complained no one else had had a raise in years and was carted off. She agreed to leave but was arrested outside the door. That is how it was in Canada to make sure you didn't speak out. Better jump all over this. Or your kids are lost FOLLOW THE MONEY. I called and told the LA teachers assoc. and the superintendent's office and I could see what was transpiring. Who knows if they listened? I insisted that they just pass on the crazy ladies comments to the teachers lawyer.