January 10, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Dems on Judiciary Committee undermine investigation -- Here is a real breakfast for champions -- Prayers for Loretta Lynn -- Oprah for President -- Trump addresses Farm Bureau convention  -- What a retirement from Congress might mean -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries



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“The Case of the Dangerous Dossier” has more head-scratchers than a Sherlock Holmes mystery. We’ve seen a few plot twists just in recent hours; these offer a more detailed picture yet raise more questions than they answer.

Why did ranking member Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee suddenly “go rogue” and release the full testimony given in August by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS? (She says she did it because of attempts to undermine the investigation; isn’t that just what she and the Democrats have done?) Why did dossier author/spy Christopher Steele use a go-between to pass it to John McCain, who then passed it to the FBI, when the FBI already had a copy? Why would an investigator like Steele be paid $168,000 by Fusion GPS to go way beyond writing this pile of "raw opposition research” –- that is to say, unsubstantiated garbage –- to outright push it to the New York Times (twice), the Washington Post (twice), Yahoo News (twice), CNN and the New Yorker?


Mike Huckabee


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Here is a real breakfast of champions

By Mike Huckabee

One of the toughest things for a young man in school has got to be attending a father-son event when he has no father to bring.

When Billy Earle Dade Middle School in Dallas was planning their “Breakfast With Dads,” the Rev. Donald Parish of True Lee Baptist Church realized this would be a problem for quite a few kids and asked the school to reach out for volunteers, hoping for maybe 20 or 30. The school did so on Facebook, requesting 50.

They ended up hearing back from...oh, about 800. And 600 “dads” actually showed up! Not only did they come to the breakfast, they offered to mentor these kids on a continuing basis. And the resulting media attention may very well lead to similar volunteering in other cities. “I hope this is just the beginning of something greater,” said Archie Nettles, one of the Dallas volunteers. “I hope this becomes a movement.”

Bringing in some dedicated father figures to serve as mentors and role models could mean more for the those kids, not to mention the “dads” and the community as a whole, than just about anything else imaginable. We’ve just never known there were so many men ready to step up. Talk about a breakfast of champions! Let’s hope the idea catches on.



Prayers for Loretta Lynn

By Mike Huckabee

Sorry to hear that country music legend Loretta Lynn has suffered a fractured hip after falling at home. Her famous sister, singer Crystal Gayle, is asking fans for prayers.


Oprah for President

By Mike Huckabee

NBC, Hollywood and some liberals already have Oprah Winfrey elected President in their heads, but Oprah might already be feeling some reservations after getting a taste of what it’s like to stick your neck out in the political arena. Like the photos at this link that were already circulating before the final credits even ran at the Golden Globes.

I have always warned potential candidates that they’d better not go into politics if they don’t like the sight of their own blood. Oprah has always struck me as a nice lady, and I have no beef with her personally. But you can’t run for President on likability alone. The job requires taking controversial political stands and having everything you’ve ever said in your life dug up and thrown back at you. In her case, that will include, but not be limited to: endorsing gun control, legalizing 12 million illegal immigrants, selling Obama to Americans as “the One,” her unmarried relationship with Stedman Graham, introducing Dr. Oz as a medical expert we can trust, endorsing the books “The Secret” and “A Million Little Pieces,” and giving a platform to anti-vaccination campaigners and other dangerous health quackery, to name but a few.

Does she really want to spend months on the grueling campaign trail, answering questions about all that, when she could be enjoying all her money and hanging out only with people who worship her? On the other hand, if we elect her, maybe we’ll all get a free car. That does sound like a Democratic platform plank that Bernie Sanders could endorse.


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Trump addresses Farm Bureau convention

Monday, President Trump became the first sitting President in over 25 years to address the American Farm Bureau Federation’s convention. In a long, wide-ranging, seemingly off-the-cuff speech filled with sarcastic humorous asides, Trump addressed a number of issues important to the farm community, including expansion of rural wifi service, the tax cut bill and renegotiating NAFTA.

All of which is pretty amazing because, according to a book that the media is taking seriously, he’s a moronic old grandpa who doesn’t know anything about issues and is so plagued with dementia that he can’t even recognize his own friends. If you actually believe that, in spite of the evidence in front of your own eyes on live TV, you just might have mental issues that should disqualify you from public office.


What a retirement from Congress might mean

By Mike Huckabee

California Representative and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce announced plans to retire this year. That adds up to 19 Republicans and just seven Democrats so far who aren’t running for reelection, which makes the Democrats’ goal of retaking the House and Making America Lame Again that much easier – particularly in California, where Republicans are becoming the only endangered species the government isn’t trying to save.

On the other hand, Republicans are raising a lot more money than Democrats – we hear that Democrats have all the “enthusiasm” on their side, but it hasn’t translated into spending their own money, which is par-for-the-course on the left. Generic ballot polls show Democrats with a big lead, but the media always refuse to acknowledge that polls taken between two unnamed candidates ten months before an election are only useful if you run out of Charmin. Remember how well polls with both named candidates predicted the last election, right up until Election Day? That also doesn’t take into account how many House seats have been gerrymandered into safe districts. True, the Democrats did win a Senate seat in Alabama, but if they think those conditions are going to be repeated in every House race in the US, then they’ve been smoking too much legalized marijuana.

I am going out on a limb to predict that the 2018 election results, and the leadership of both the House and Senate, will hinge on who shows up at the polls in November. By then, the tax cut should have caused the economy and the Dow to boom, paychecks to rise and unemployment to hit record lows. It also looks as if ISIS will be squashed even further, and Kim Jong-Un may be more concerned with the Olympics than hurling nuclear missiles at the US. If all that comes to pass and enough Republicans still don’t show up at the polls to prevent a return to the failed, divide-and-conquer policies of the left, then I have to assume that they really were tired of winning.


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