January 17, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Planned Parenthood's investment -- Missing the real story -- Cowpie sourcing -- Kentucky is the first -- Support among African-Americans is rising  -- "Smart-diplomacy" -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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In an interview this week, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards touted the group’s outreach to teens via text chat services, promotional merchandise sold on, and training teens to be public speakers and pro-choice advocates. In one of the most sickeningly ironic word choices ever, she claimed one pregnant teen praised the nation’s biggest abortion chain as a “lifesaver.” No, it’s more like the opposite of that.

As a counter-view, one critic said that what Richards calls an “investment in people” (she means spending money to promote PP to teens, not buying and selling human body parts) is actually promoting a promiscuous lifestyle to teens rather than discouraging them from having sex, because the abortion mills have quotas to meet and those young pregnant women are just numbers to them.


Mike Huckabee


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Missing the real story

By Mike Huckabee

Under intense questioning by Democratic Senators Patrick Leahy and Richard Blumenthal, a frustrated Secretary of Homeland Defense Kirstjen Nielsen testified under oath that she never heard President Trump use that offensive term for substandard countries that he’s accused of saying at a meeting with Congressional leaders to discuss DACA (and that was printed on a large sign, helpfully held up for the TV cameras by a Leahy staffer sitting right behind him). She did confirm that a lot of people at that meeting were talking at once and a lot of cuss words were being thrown around, so it’s impossible to say for sure who said what.

Okay, now that I’ve reported the part of the hearing that was considered big news by the media, I’ll tell you the real news that they missed. The head of Homeland Security came to the Senate to discuss serious threats to the nation posed by lax border enforcement, and major leaders of the party that wants to be put back in charge of national security seemed completely uninterested in asking her about national security. Instead, they wasted the committee's time by repeatedly grilling her about whether Trump said a poopy word in a closed-door meeting so they could use it to play the politics of racial division. Sen. Cory Booker even declared that he'd cried "tears of rage" upon hearing the story and yelled at Secretary Nielsen because she didn't seem as emotionally out-of-control over it as he was and refused to confirm hearing what she'd already said she didn't hear.


Cowpie sourcing

By Mike Huckabee

Before you swallow the cowpie that President Trump’s criticism of the news media is Stalinesque, check out this update on what media outlets have done and are continuing to do to flush away their reputations and earn the skepticism which so many Americans rightly feel toward them.



Kentucky is the first

By Mike Huckabee

Kentucky has become the first state to take advantage of the permission granted by President Trump and require some Medicaid recipients to have to work or take job training in exchange for free medical coverage. And contrary to what you might hear from Paul Krugman or other outraged liberals, the work requirement applies to able-bodied recipients only. The disabled, the elderly, those with severe medical issues, pregnant women and adults who care full-time for dependent children or adults are all exempt.

The alternative was to let the Medicaid fund go bankrupt because the cost of expanding membership under Obamacare without asking anything in return was unsustainable. And at the state level, you can't cover unsustainable spending by simply going into debt or printing more money.


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Support among African-Americans is rising

By Mike Huckabee

Despite the increasingly shrill accusations of racism against President Trump, two new polls show his approval rating among black Americans is creeping up. It’s still low, but it’s substantially higher than it was a year ago. Maybe they’re noticing the disconnect between his critics who keep claiming he wants to harm black people and the rising job numbers and improving economic picture for African-Americans. By November, Democrats who think that negative rhetoric is all it takes to win might be reduced to screaming, “Who are you going to believe, us or your paycheck?!”




By Mike Huckabee

For those who question the reality of the nuclear threat from North Korea, a scientist told “Sixty Minutes” the story of how he was allowed to see their nuclear facility and the plutonium they were creating that could be weaponized. And this was all the way back in 2004. They apparently let him see it only because they were frustrated that nobody would believe they were really capable of building nuclear weapons...I assume because it was inconvenient to the liberal narrative to admit that they were building nuclear weapons when we’d been assured that would never happen.

So please spare us the cries that Trump is to blame for North Korea’s nuclear aggression. What he’s dealing with now is the inevitable result of over 20 years of smug, Ivy League, Foggy Bottom-approved, blinders-on “smart diplomacy.” Let’s just hope it’s not too late to prevent all that smartness from allowing Iran to become the next North Korea.


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  • Anthony Canonico

    01/19/2018 01:13 PM

    You have a wonderfully entertaining and articulate way of making your point. I have been receiving you email commentaries., but frankly have not read them even though I always liked your show on FOX. I'm sorry for my past sins as I read your newsletter and realize that I've been missing out on all this good stuff.

  • John Clark

    01/18/2018 10:42 AM

    Parents, be aware that there is a new curriculum being considered by some public schools developed by Planned Parenthood. The name of it is "Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education." Don't be fooled by that name. Make sure you know what your child's school is teaching.

  • John Clark

    01/17/2018 11:28 AM

    The liberals will go to any length to try to find fault with President Trump. They need to apply the words of Matthew 7:3, "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

  • Esther Brisson

    01/17/2018 08:19 AM

    Mike...I so appreciate your view in these updates...I read them and enjoy them! Please ... keep this going - it’s real news!! And I love your program on tv!