October 19, 2018

Urgent reminder: if you vote Democrat next month, these are the type of people you’ll be putting in charge of government entities that have power over you and your family.

Oh, you say, that’s just a random violent nut on the street, not someone respected and responsible.  You mean like this University of Mississippi “gender studies” professor who urged people not only to interrupt Republican Senators’ meals in restaurants, but to steal their food and “put your whole damn fingers in their salads” because “they don’t deserve your civility”?

Well, okay, maybe that guy teaches a course called “Social Problems” because he’s an expert, what with being a social problem himself.  Still, he’s not an actual political professional working to promote Democratic campaigns.  You mean, like this guy?...

All right, so random nuts, lefty professors and people working for Democratic PACs might be violent loons, but at least nobody that deranged actually holds a responsible position in the Democratic Party itself.  You mean, like this guy?...

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Okay, fine, but he’s only on the state level!  There’s no way you’d hear endorsements of violence and incivility from major national Democratic political figures, like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton or Eric Holder, the type that would encourage someone to actually assault a Republican candidate and fracture his eye socket...

I’ll stop now to let you go check to see if early voting has begun yet in your area so you can vote straight Republican as urgently as if you were putting out a fire before it can spread and burn down the whole house.



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  • Claude Allison

    10/22/2018 11:51 AM

    Please pass along to your followers & Fox News to, "Stop referring to the Democrat party as the Democratic party" They have nothing to do with democracy.
    Thank you

  • Jeff B. Willis

    10/19/2018 07:05 PM

    I believe that Joe Biden would be the Democrats strongest opponent. But I don't think he will get out of the primaries. Assuming that he even runs! While the country has moved to the right since since 2008, the Democrat party has moved decidedly to the left. Look for something more "original and creative." Such as Elizabeth Warren for President and Kamela Harris for VP. Dems might conclude that an "all female ticket" would be unstoppable.