October 3, 2018

In response to my commentary on the FBI and Uranium One, reader Jerry J. brought up the name Marc Rich, the notorious financier and fugitive from justice who was pardoned for serious white-collar crimes (some involving Iran during the Iran hostage crisis) by then-President Bill Clinton on his way out the White House door.  Jerry thought there had been some connection between Rich and the Uranium One deal, that, in fact, he might have been a partner in one of the companies involved.  Carter Page, he said, had mentioned this in an interview with Sean Hannity –- and, yes, I, too, find Carter Page quite believable.  A little research turned up this magnificent article from 2017, which helps answers the question.  And, yes, there was a connection.

As Doug Hagmann in the Canadian Free Press explains it, on September 6, 2005, former President Bill Clinton appeared with Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the stated purpose of helping HIV/AIDS patients gain access to certain drug therapies, which is a noble humanitarian purpose.  But, as Peter Schweitzer points out in his book CLINTON CASH, the nation of Kazakhstan, population 15.4 million, did not have much of a problem with HIV/AIDS, certainly not compared with many other countries that were being devastated by it.

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But it did have trillions of dollars in rich natural resources, including uranium.


The Kazakhstan trip was organized in part by Sergi Kurzin, who had worked for the former federal fugitive Marc Rich.  So there’s the Marc Rich connection.  Hard to tell from this little information nugget if Rich had a financial interest in the uranium business, but that’s not much of leap to make.

During the Kazakhstan trip, presumably when he was not hard at work getting drugs to HIV/AIDS patients, Giustra, who was then head of UrAsia Energy Ltd., reportedly met with officials about securing uranium mining contracts.  This seems to be where the uranium deal all started.


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Just as Clinton and Marc Rich went back years, so did Clinton and Giustra, whose association dated back to the former President’s Arkansas days and some mutual friends there.  In 2005 --- same year as the Kazakhstan trip --- their partnership became public when they formed the Clinton-Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative.

Hagmann’s article tells us just about everything we need to know --- aside from those still-classified Uranium One documents, of course --- about Uranium One, including a detailed and revealing timeline.  I highly recommend it.  And maybe someday the FBI will let us see the rest, but I’m not holding my breath because I might turn blue.



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  • Deborah McCallum

    10/04/2018 01:23 PM

    Interesting that there has been no media report relative to Dr Ford's father being a deeply entrenched CIA operative with "strings" to Comey and friends, perhaps even to Mueller. Your thoughts?

  • Michael Galloway

    10/03/2018 07:25 PM

    Mr. Huckabee: Oh how I appreciate your newsletters and always getting the "rest of the story" !! I do not and can not stand to watch the hyped up liberal left fake mainstream news media, so I rely mainly on you, some of FOX News and CBN news.

    And you are so right, when is the FBI or someone going to investigate and pursue the Uranium One matter and one of the biggest criminals running free in the U.S. - Hillary Clinton. But she is just one of so many, yet no real pursuits of justice. There will never be another respectable and balanced justice system in this country, when you have a two-tier system. One for politicians, former politicians, etc. and one for everyone else that doesn't have an endless supply of money to keep people paid off. Then you even have some in the two tier system receiving absurd amounts of $ from GoFund Me. Sickening !!!

    I continue to pray for Judge Kavanaugh and it will truly in my opinion my an act of God or God orchestrating his appointment to the Supreme Court against all the evil plotting, scheming, lying and intentional smearing from both politicians and others.

    Now as much as I support President Trump, I will admit I cringe a little bit when he is at a campaign rally and brings up the testimony of Mrs. Ford. I don't know why he seems that he has to do so, but wish he would be more professional at times, though again I strongly support him. No one will like all traits of someone, just wish the president would place more emphasis on the positives and pick his battles. Don't have a problem with him going after the lying mainstream media, but other topic matters in my opinion would be better left alone.

    But despite that I will be going to the polls on November 6th and voting Republican at all levels. This country has seen enough with eight years of Obama and the results, the sickening deep swamp and corruption and the continued evil agenda by Democrats. We can never again afford the Democrats being in the majority or in the White House !!!!!!!! Mr. Huckabee, keep reminding voters, especially conservative and evangelicals the importance of voting in the mid-term election. Thanks !!

  • Joseph

    10/03/2018 05:27 PM

    Look the Clintons have been and will remain the same corrupt and degenerate people they were born as. They ran guns and drugs out of the Arkansas Governors Mansion and probably while he was president between the rapes and sexual misconducts. They have lost close to 60 people associated withal in tragic accidents and suicides from gun shots to the back of their heads many just before they were to testify against them. As Secretary of State she neglected her responsibility to ensure the safety of an Ambassador and various other Americans in a foreign country in a time of unrest. Also the stories are that she and Barry were running guns to ISIS at that time when Barry was running for re-election and ISIS was almost nonexistent. She and Bill have been protected by probably the most corrupt Government in American History.

  • Nita Hogg

    10/03/2018 03:43 PM

    Thanks, Mike. I always enjoy your emails...Been a long time, but I still remember you from your days with Evangelist James Robison. I carried Kaye (then Bruner, now Moreno) to Ft. Worth to work with James Robison. Guess you know she is married now to Rey Mareno and doing well. Last I heard, she was head of FT. Women Republicans organization. Am proud of her. Her daughter, Melissa Bruner, a child when I helped them move to Texas, now is a Dallas Police Lady. She was just a tot when I helped them move to Dallas......She stays in touch with me, However, I seldom hear from Kaye anymore...Oh,well, that's life.
    Don't know whether you knew, but my nephew Andrew Billick, is project manager for President Trump at TRUMP TURNBURY in Scotland.. I am so proud of him. I hear from his wife frequently but he stays busy working for our man...So proud of him and so proud of President Trump.. Proud of your beautiful daughter, Sarah, too. She is a chip off the ole Huckabee block. She does a fantastic job for President Trump. By the way, I guess you knew Ken died with cancer in 1984..he suffered a long horrible death....But thank God, he accepted Jesus before he left us. Our son David, you might remember, he worked with James Robison Youth Camp one year. He is now a well-established attorney here in Dothan and surrounding area, all the way to Birmingham and Mobile... I live with im and Lisa now that I am helpless. Home bound...discovered cancer a few years ago, but thankfully, doctor said it is now in remission. Then I fell several times, fractured back, hip and ribs...That is what happens when we get old and helpless. I hate being homebound, I can't ever go outside for a breath of fresh air without help. But it could be worse. David and Lisa's son, Daniel, was a missionary to Japan a couple years ago. He loves the Lord and , along with David and Lisa, and daughter, Amelia, they all are active in their First Presbyterian Church here. I appreciated living with David and Lisa but I miss my home...Had everything fixed for retirement so I could enjoy being home, but oh, that didn't last long... My health just took a nose dive with cancer and etc, so David just moved me to their home. Sally just had cancer surgery in UAB Birmingham. She is now cancer-free, according to doctors there. Praise the Lord. My friend, Ann Varnum, you remember her, I am sure, she recommended Dr. John Dunn, whom she said was a great Christian oncologist. He is my cancer doctor, gave me chemo and keeps a check on me. I really do like him. Don't recall whether you knew, but Ken had a very aggressive cancer of the bladder and he passed away in 1984. You take care and thank you for being just a positive influence on David and Sally. BTW: Sally teaches English at Wallace Community College here at Dothan.... Continue to pray for her and her three children. and for all of us...Thanks so much and God Bless you and your family. Tell President Trump we love him and Thank Him for what he is doing for Andrew Billick at Trump-Turnbury in Scotland, my nephew. Sincerely, Nita Hogg. Dothan. Alabama.

  • Amelia Little

    10/03/2018 01:36 PM

    Governor--you know you shouldn't be bringing up stuff that doesn't pertain to the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, and only bring up that if you can join in on the democrat frenzy. The left think citizens (especially us uneducated deplorables) can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and they want to be in charge of the topic! They are soooo out of touch with the real world, and I do hope voters recognize this and make sure they don't get the upper hand this Nov. Thank you for bringing other issues to us.

    It is hard to believe, because most of us don't have nefarious-trained brains, that the left is wanting the Judge's freaking high school yearbooks!!! If they do that, they should also have to go through ALL the yearbooks of ALL the sitting justices and even ALL the yearbooks of ALL congressmen! Don't forget ALL the judges in the US, also.
    Whatever they find they will try to use to take down the Judge, they should apply to all. Lindsay Graham is talking some good talk, but the GOP needs less talk and more action. NO MORE GIVING IN TO DEMOCRATS on this issue. End of the week, have the vote. Because we all know there is always going to be another allegation coming up when the time is up. Let them (left) cry and whine and say bad things about the Republicans. I'm betting even regular Democrats are cringing about most of the actions and words of the left, on this and on disrupting the lives of conservatives (and, frankly, any other people who might be paying for fine dining experience and who have no problem with Sarah Sanders and Ted Cruz and others.) Can you imagine the outrage if these actions were taken against pelosi, feinstein, good ol' maxine or schumer? THEY would probably be demanding a full scale FBI investigation to arrest and jail (don't hold a trial or hearing) the degenerates or deplorables who would DARE?

    When I read of the accomplishments of this administration since Jan 20, 2017, I realize there have to be some regular, reasonable Democrats who work with regular, reasonable Republicans and Independents to be able to do this. Too bad that some of them feel they have to compromise their integrity by falling into line with the extreme left on these high profile issues in order to have the backing of the DNC.

  • Donald Eickhoff

    10/03/2018 01:19 PM

    President Trump told a lie the media isn't talking about. He told Conservatives 'You will get tired of winning'. We love what God is doing thru him.


    10/03/2018 01:15 PM


  • Linda LaGruth

    10/03/2018 11:27 AM

    We will probably never know the half of what the Clintons and their crowd of demons were up to until we get to Heaven and then, we won’t care. I’m glad there are people that can figure some of this out to try and keep it in check. Thank God she didn’t get in...He is still showing mercy on America.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    10/03/2018 10:52 AM

    I just feel the need to say that as an American, I am ashamed at the way some of these highly regarded politicians act. These ones are beyond reprehensible but I digress.

  • Dusty Hickey

    10/03/2018 10:46 AM

    Agree we keep getting smoke screens like Russia, Attack on two business people and what they did wrong Manafort and Trumps lawyer. Nothing on collusion when is this whole mess done? Why are we not on Hillary and this whole deal and the money she and her husband made? Her whole influence on the FISA report and on trying to move the campaign. Much like she did with the DNC and keeping out Sen Bernie Sanders. Time to go after all of this and yet the JD will not release these reports why not? Still Gov ask how was she Hillary able to even set up and use this e mail system in her home? Who allowed this? My husband had an office in Fla. working on Govt projects and had to be cleared by Security to open and they came now and then to make sure classified etc. were done the right way. What was wrong with this and HOW? Again she Hillary has all who voted for President Trump among the Deplorable unwashed I assume? Go away stay home and take care of your aging husband and be a grandmother and one can hope that in time we will know the true story of all she and her husband have done?

  • Howard Boggs

    10/03/2018 10:29 AM

    Once again, I'm moved to ask, "Is anyone surprised by this?". It now falls to the Republicans to bring this to the front burner. Start fighting back with some pointed, hard hitting inquiries into something that publicly reveals what the Dems have been sitting on for years. Hand their hypocrisy back to them.

  • Bruce Deming

    10/03/2018 10:07 AM

    Carter Page is a nuclear physicist. He was also involved in Benghazi, distracting Chris Stevens while some very large weapons shipments passed through.

  • Anne Turner

    10/03/2018 10:06 AM

    Ah, the party of the kind, considerate, caring people, DNC! Ah the party of racism, the DNC. They treat people of color differently. If you cannot be critical of someone’s policies because they are black, THAT is racism. If you are not racist you treat everyone the same. “The content of their character.” If you deliberately keep minorities on welfare instead on giving them a leg up and having higher expectations, you are racist. If you make excuses for minorities, you keep them dependent and convince them they are victims to be taken care of, that is racism. If you will do ANYTHING to prevent a confirmation. That is mean, vile, and evil. Take no prisoners is the Dems motto.
    Thank you Governor for letting me vent.

  • Bill Codner Sr

    10/03/2018 10:02 AM

    That is some good digging, Mike. So the history of Bill Clinton's admiration for the mob and it's underlings in Arkansas is for real. It seems he enjoyed flirting with corruption as a game.
    When I attended Subiaco in 1963 traveling all over the state on the boxing team, never in my life would I have ever thought of that beautiful state harboring such ugly, vindictive and greedy politicians like the Clintons and their supporters. You make me think of Arkansas, Mt. Magazine, Fayetville and the drive up there, Mike, not the Clintons.