October 30, 2018

I know many people don’t care that much about international news.  But when “Democratic” socialists in America are counting on voters to turn the U.S. to the far left (message to voters: Go vote to prevent that NOW!) and citing other nations as examples of how we should be, just how well are their policies working out in other countries?  

Well, let’s check today’s headlines for a few clues.  In Brazil, a blunt-talking right-wing populist who’s been derisively branded as the “Trump of the Tropics” just defeated the leftist President with over 55% of the vote.

In Germany, after disastrous regional elections in Hesse and Bavaria, the queen of open borders, Angela Merkel, told her party that she will not run for another term as Chancellor…

I guess you know how socialism has worked out in Venezuela.  And we can figure out how well the governments of Central America are doing by the old saying, “People vote with their feet.”  

Did I mention how important it is to go to the polls and vote NOW to make sure that that the U.S. does not become like other countries? 


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