February 1, 2018

We can be Republican or Democrat or Independent, but above all, we should simply be Americans. What binds us together is not specific policies or political candidates, but a commitment to a Constitution that limits the power of government over our lives and protects our fundamental liberties. The role of government is much like the role of the referee in a football game. The purpose of the guys in the striped shirts is to make sure that the game is played fairly and evenly and that neither team cheats and has to play by the same rules. A big controversy erupted over the NFL Championship game because a referee went over to Tom Brady at the end of the game to congratulate him. (Show clip). While it seemed innocent enough, Jacksonville Jaguar fans questioned if the officials had revealed that he wasn’t really wearing a striped shirt after all, but a Patriot’s jersey. I doubt there was much more than the ref simply offering a deserved point of respect for a super-star player who keeps finding a way to win.

If there was some home-cooking in the NFL, it would scandalous, but something far more odious is beginning to waft through the air at the highest levels of the FBI and Department of Justice. Weeks ago, we learned that the FBI agent who personally interviewed Hillary Clinton and determined that in spite of overwhelming evidence that she had recklessly handled classified documents, unlawfully deleted public records, and perhaps been less than honest to Congress and the FBI, recommended that nothing happen to her. The agent, Peter Sztrok and his in-office fellow FBI agent Lisa Page and secret lover exchanged thousands upon thousands of text messages and talked about their support for Hillary and hostility to Donald Trump. Sztrok was one of the first people hired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He was later dismissed from that unit because of the discovery of the those texts. But then there’s the case of Assistant FBI Director Andy McCabe, whose wife was a Democratic candidate for state senate in VA and received almost $800,000 from PACS controlled by Clinton confidante Terry McCauliffe. And then there’s Bruce Ohr, an associate attorney general and holdover from the Obama administration, who met with the writer of the infamous dossier designed by a company called Fusion GPS. That dossier was financed by the Hillary campagn to smear candidate and now President Donald Trump with information that has been debunked . But as said on TV, “But wait, there’s more!” The scandal doesn’t stop there. Guess whose wife actually worked at Fusion GPS which wrote the phony documents and was paid $10 million by the Clinton campaign.? If you guessed the WIFE of Bruce Ohr, you’d be right! Confused? Of course, because the narrative of the press is that Russians meddled in the election. But while they undoubtedly tried to disrupt the elections, there is no evidence that they changed a single vote.

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I am deeply distraught by something more sinister and that’s the possibility that ranking agents in the FBI and Department of Justice used the power and authority of their positions to meddle in the elections, and being unsuccessful in changing the outcome, have attempted to subvert the election by trying to de-legitimize the election results. Our Constitution’s first 10 amendments spells out the limits of our government and the power of the people. If we discover that FBI or DOJ figures used their positions to punish their political enemies and advance their political allies, this would make the Watergate break-in seem like a fraternity prank. I’m confident that the overwhelming majority of FBI and DOJ agents are dedicated professionals and trustworthy. But the fish rots from the head, and Congress and perhaps yet another Special Counsel needs to fix the smell. If I lie to the FBI or the IRS, I can go to jail. But if they lie to me, how do they keep their jobs?

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  • jack macdonald

    02/23/2018 01:23 PM

    If these people, Hillary, and even Obama don't face charges up to and including treason and sedition then we don't have a constitutional govt with equal justice for all. Brennan and Clapper are also co-conspirators and need to be behind bars. These weasels were all involved in trying to destroy or elective process. I thought what these people were doing was equivalent to what the Rosensteins did (who as spies, were put to death) endangering the America we admire. Just the spying on American citizens should spend a chill through all of us. If these people go unscathed, citizens will no longer be able to trust in govt and that is disasterous.

  • Patricia A. McMahon

    02/04/2018 08:58 PM

    This is very disconcerting. I make it a point to vote in every election. I research the candidates, make my choice, and fill out my ballot. These yahoo's thought they knew BETTER than WE THE PEOPLE?! HOW DARE THEY?!! Talk about left wing liberal high-handedness!!

    Had any of those sneeky Higher-ups in the FBI ever ACTUALLY BEEN Field Agents? Or were they sent over from the Justice Dept? Pretty sure Comy had been at Justice. It appears Comy etc were
    just SUITS, not agents from the field who are True Believers in real justice. Comy, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr at Justice are POLITICAL HACKS! They are NOT the REAL DEAL. I don't mean all at Justice are hacks. Just the higher up characters. Strzok decided that Clinton had to be POTUS?
    WE THE PEOPLE elected Donald J. Trump President. The nerve of the guy. Instead of firing Rosenstein, he should be required to recuse himself. That way he'll be within easy reach of the IG at Justice. Also he wouldn't be able to sound of on twitter or give interviews like Comy.

    Were they trying to overthrow our DULY ELECTED GOVERNMENT?!!! THIS IS SCAREY!! I'm a retired
    disabled veteran; this scares me down to my toe nails! These political hacks used cooked-up phony documents to change MY VOTE?!! The Heck You Say!

    This must not be allowed to stand! We The People must rise up with a single voice and shout "NO!
    YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE OUR VOTES!!!" Everyone must contact their representatives in Congress - No Matter the Political Affiliation! This must be shouted down! Our
    Votes count! No one can be allowed to disregard our votes! I don't care if you vote Democrat, Republican, or Independent; your vote CAN NOT BE CANCELLED by some government political hack.

    In Service to the United States,
    Patricia A. McMahon
    Sergeant First Class, USA(Ret)

  • D.Neuschwander

    02/04/2018 06:17 PM

    Dear Mike,
    I couldn't agree more that these agencies are out of control and corrupt as Pompeii and will probably blow as high as Mt. Vesuvius! Who gave us these agencies anyway? The passage of The 16th Amendment did this to us! Allowing the Federal government to tax us each personally, dig in all our personal papers(IRS) has grown this monster that we now call the Federal Government to spy on Americans! Our congress that voted this amendment into law NEVER read our Constitution that is for sure!! It should be repealed and then the American people wouldn't have to worry about government growing so corrupt over such a short period of time because there would be no money for all their excesses. Gordan Kahl, a highly decorated American soldier, dared to challenge the 16th and the FBI took him out too and made a political prisoner of his son Yori since 1973. It is absolutely pathetic that this goes on in a free country!!

  • Stephen Russell

    02/03/2018 12:29 AM

    Hire New Blood, change rules & regs then end this Game.
    Hire No Experience blood BUT has Values,
    Govt wide, then C changes occur